Friday, August 28, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Six, Dawson City

5:30 am

Bags out. Taken to the airport at 7:30 for 9:30 flight to the Yukon.

One last mystical glimpse from the plane of Denali rising above the clouds...

Queuing up for customs - we're in Canada!

Dawson City laid out below the Top of the Mound.

Two rivers meet - the Klondike on the left & the Yukon on the right.

Visiting the grocery store to check out the produce prices was an eye-opener!

The river valley with wooded hills is such a beautiful setting.
The raven on the roof is one of many we saw while in the Yukon.
They figure largely in the First Nations lore.

Wolverine pelt - a bit pricey for a U of M souvenir for Alex.

Must have been something, back in the day.

This afternoon we head out to the Discovery Claim, the start of the Klondike Gold Rush.
They are still mining the area today.

Another blessing - just beside the road a moose, eating the tender plants on the bottom.

A few additions to the fur family!

Relieved that we aren't off on any big adventures tomorrow.
We will stay put & enjoy Dawson City.

1:00 am - up to check out the Perseid meteor shower. 
After a half hour I had only seen three, so I called it a night. 
The night sky here has not been clear yet, but I'm hopeful!

Alaska Trip: Day Five, Fairbanks

8:00 am

Bags out & we are off in an hour to Fairbanks,
panning for gold & a river raft float trip this evening!

It was quite a moment - standing in Fairbanks, Alaska - a childhood dream realized for Greg.

One claim to fame for Fairbanks is that it's the home of the Yukon Quest,
a dogsled race covering 1,000 miles from Fairbanks, Alaska to
Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada. The route follows
historic gold rush migrations & the Yukon River.

We met dog musher Kyia Bouchard, owner of this museum.

Musher wannabe photo #4 (I think)

This really captured our imagination!
Every kid's winter dream :-D

Another bear photo...

Excursion to Gold Dredge #8 included ducking under the Alaskan pipeline!
They have it raised up to in certain areas accommodate caribou migrations & wildlife.

Amazing to hear how there is an eye on every bit of it.

Off to pan for gold!

G got a little advice on technique.
We ended up with $35 worth between the two of us,
but spent a wee bit more than that in the gift shop...

Dinner and a lazy Midnight Sun river raft float down the Chena River 
with our extreme excursion Arctic Circle partners, Connie & John.

 This bad boy guarded this whole stretch of river.

We startled a family of mergansers as we came in to dock.

Our host shared about what it's like to live in the bush.

Loved the chance to get out & see some local scenery & relax.
Tomorrow? On to the Yukon!

082815 OBW 109-111

OBW 109

We just returned from a two week land/sea/air cruise to Alaska,
celebrating my husband's retirement last May.
I was keeping up with the prompts but was without internet much of the time.
This photo was taken on a hike in Whitehorse.
The guide is showing us some wild sage.

OBW 110

This one I took once we got home.
I knew right away what the photo would be.

Kind of like when you see the pile of stuff at the curb...

OBW 111

This was the end of a tunnel on the White Pass Railroad. 
Those steps go down & under a spooky trestle.

 This was taken on a paddle wheel boat in Dawson City.

Dawson City again...loved those cheeky yellow steps!

 The stairs are at the end on the other side - Yukon Suspension Bridge.

Well, I think that catches me up!

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