Saturday, April 28, 2012


Bummer - out of stock on my yummy rolling cart I showed you yesterday :~(
And these curtains, too, for the yellow bedroom
 which would have gone great with the duvet cover in there.

 This gives me an idea for a scrap layout:

But we DID find some things for Lincoln's Christmas:
 Can't you just see Grandpa & Daddy, I mean, Lincoln (hehe) playing with these?

And we couldn't leave without these:

Lunch at Mexican Fiesta and headed home to babysit while the kids got out for a grown up dinner together.
A blessed day! Now off to my scrapspace to work on a special project...


  1. Oh man! That's too bad about the cart :( I think you can check the website to see if things are in stock in the store. You may want to check that out next time before you venture out. In any event, it looks like you picked up some fun things for Lincoln and got a little inspiration, too. Cart or no cart, that was definitely worth the trip.

  2. I like the scrap inspiration and the buns look scrummy. Will have to keep my eyes open for that cart though!


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