Friday, April 4, 2014

040414 Date Day Saturday & A Little Bit of Spring

Last weekend we headed down to Livonia & parts beyond.
Breakfast from Tim Horton's - coffee & everything bagels w/cream cheese.

First stop? Cantoro's Italian Grocery

So what did we get?

Next: my new favorite place!

 This place is HUGE with awesome products.
There is another room as large as this plus a crop room that seats 60!
Good thing for my budget it's not too close to home.
And just see how fun these gals are!
(One of the ribbon ladies helped me out - so friendly!)
This is what I got


A little something for Chloe

Finally got a pic of this guy on the way home.
"Mephisto" by John Suave at  James F. Atchison Memorial Park 

Lunch at Famous Dave's

Our favorite appetizer - salmon spread

To ToysRUs to shop for the birthday boy,but these just made me GRIN out loud! 
They are having WAY too much fun, lol

Free Tractor Supply Grand Opening hat.
I am the queen of the dorky selfie - you can't even see the hat, lol.
 Had such a lovely day together...

And then this week, Spring is beginning to show her pretty face.

So delighted that the orioles have returned!


  1. Somebody has had a fun day. LOL. Enjoy your purchases.

  2. Wow, lots of good stuff on all fronts. You'll be well fed while you are scrapping!

  3. What a day - you seem to fit so much in to just one Saturday! Quite the haul. And a cute selfie too!

  4. woah woah woah … wait a second … Tim Hortens?!? You were in my neck of the woods and you didn't drop in to say hello??! ;)

  5. I love reading all about your date days - great selfie, totally scrapbookable :)

  6. What a great day out, fabulous stash you gathered together (I have the Studio Calico Transparent Die Cuts, too). The grocery, breakfast & lunch places made me so envious, wish we had even one place like that over here in rural Normandy!
    Love the selfie and the hat of course!

  7. Busy day out!!!! I haven't seen an Oriole in years. Texas definitely not in their range. Gotta love those Tractor Supply hats....we usually have one around the house somewhere. Would love to have an LSS that big close to both homes. You would think I'd have one close at our Houston area home. Nearest one 30 miles. I love living your day!

  8. As soon as I read "Livonia, " I wondered if this was Michigan. Now I'm kinda excited, I rarely find other craters from Michigan. I'll have to suggest a trip to the LSS you shared.


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