Thursday, September 1, 2016

090116 September CKC Kit Reveal

Over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog this month
we are using the August Felicity Jane "Maggie" kit for inspiration.

But first let me welcome our Guest Designer, Nicole Mackin!
Nicole is a member of the Get It Scrapped Creative Team & has
 a wonderful library of YouTube videos for your inspiration.

Here is the inspiration kit:

Now let's see what's in the Magic Blue Box!


Join me for a mystery...

*Click HERE to begin soundtrack in new tab,
then return to continue reading the blog post.
(I am sure there is a more tech-savvy way to do this but life is short...)

Leslie, a member of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Master Forger team, 
was eagerly awaiting the September inspiration kit assignment...

When the reveal email came, she gasped...
the exclusive kit WAS ONE THAT SHE SUBSCRIBES TO!!!

A dastardly plan began to form in her mind...

Within days, the kit arrived at the doorstep.

She furtively brought it inside & now presents it 
as her September counterfeit kit,named

"Incognito - The Counterfeit Counterfeit"

 Stay tuned, for there is MURDER afoot!

I don't believe I could go any rogue-er than this!
Now, all of you know that I absolutely delight in the counterfeiting aspect of CKC : )
BUT I make no apologies for my fake forgery!

Every month I get one of these lovely kits, but have yet to use more than an alpha set, 
embelli, or the occassional piece of patterned paper. This month I have set myself the
challenge of working exclusively with this kit. And in the end?



* * * * * * * * * * *
You don't want to miss any of the fun, so be sure to visit every reveal on the hop!
Guest DT Nicole
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. GASP!!! What a plot twist! I completely understand though - the kits are so pretty that it's a shame not to make the most of them. And poor Maggie - may she rest in peace...

  2. Hahaha! What a great reveal-you are so funny!I can't wait to see what you make with the real thing!

  3. He he ,you are a scream. How lucky are you to get those kits? This month should be a breeze for you.

  4. Well, if Maggie has to go then I guess that's it! Looking forward to seeing your dastardly way of working through the "body" (of product! Fun fun fun!

  5. Awesome plot twist! Looking forward to seeing your projects this month.
    Cindy F

  6. You are an awesome goofball!! I cannot wait to see what you do with your fake forgery. I usually pull FIRST from kits I am subscribing to for my CKCB kits. I have a few full kits left but those are starting to disappear (YAY). The only kits I am subscribing to now are Freckled Fawn's embellishment kit and Ali Edwards' story kit.

  7. So, so clever! Elementary, my dear Watson! Just love the sequence of photos illustrating your emotions and the whole concept of "killing" Maggie! Just fabulous!

  8. Very cute! I love that you took the challenge to "kill" this kit--I can't wait to see what you have made!

  9. Aren't you being naughty. Yes, me thinks you are. LOL But I have no doubt that we will see wonderful creations from you this month - so hopefully you elude capture in the meantime.

  10. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I sometimes wonder if anyone is looking.

  11. Oh my! That was a fun post to read and listen too (memories of watching the show flooded back to me :) good for you for going rouge! I had always wondered about some of these kits and if anyone gets them what they would do :) case is solved :)

  12. Brilliant - love the photos - such fun!

  13. Leslie you are so devious. (I did see this post when it first was posted. Am taking some of my "sickie" time to catch up on you.) We are big fans of the pink cat here. Your illustrated mystery story with accompanying soundtrack had me laughing to the point of tears.


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