Monday, June 18, 2018

061818 CKC June Challenge #2

CKC June Challenge #2
Midsummer Madness! 

It's almost midsummer's day here in the northern hemisphere and I for one, love this turn of the year. Watching the days get longer until they reach this high point before the sun starts to head south again and days get shorter again is part of the year's rhythm that I particularly note. And we all know just how much the Scandinavians mark Midsummer's Day with parties and celebrations. Celebrate the summer solstice (or the winter solstice if you are south of us!) for yourself with your project.

We have a little inside joke that crops up every June until early December & this was the perfect challenge for it. I tried to keep it light-hearted even though for me it is anything but!

(I'm thinking that I may have to use a white pen on those pink letters to make them legible...)
   Please forgive the bad lighting - it's night and the clock-which-is-actually-a-compass
 transparent overlay makes a decent photo nigh impossible.

This ribbing continues until the Winter Solstice, which ushers in almost 5 months of winter weather.
It then becomes, "The days are getting longer," which of course means nothing until May... 
I should probably find some way to add that on the page!

I must confess that this is a bit of a cheat as the overlay & the mini-letters were not in my original kit.
My page. My rules. 
It's also another double-challenge as I've done the Whimsical Musings #285 be inspired by mini-letter stickers.

Let's see what you can make of this CKC challenge! 

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