Saturday, August 10, 2019

081019 Vacation Mini-book

I always look for postcards 
My album came from Family Dollar & it's a bit of an odd page size,  so I've fashioned my own from letter size cardstock. Each has a flap which creates a full landscape page. You'll see!

This little mini is all about the photos & ephemera of our brief trip to Missouri.

I'm too uncoordinated to manage a video flip through so here's an old-school version:

Dinner on our first leg of the trip - Chicago style hot dogs - a new fave.

I saved the paper hats!

We had a FANTASTIC (Caverns) and...

INCREDIBLE (Pizza) day!

Best. Patterned. Paper. Ever.

Oops! Need to journal about our day in St. Louis.

My daughter takes amazing cellphone photos!


Had all my stuff organized & printed so this came together really quickly.

Hope you've enjoyed your summer!

Thanks for stopping by!

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