Saturday, March 26, 2016

032616 CKC Stylish Scrapbook Storage

Over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog we have
been running a great series on Stylish Scrapbook Storage.
(My earlier post is here.)
Vintage jelly jar storage for colorful brads.
I took a look at my happy scrappy place & discovered that while I have a good deal of 
organization going on, most of it is NOT stylish. This makes me sad!

Efficient but boring storage

 The top half of this storage is mostly inspiration - not storage - by design.
I mean, I am grateful for the luxury of bins & drawers full of goodies, to be sure!
But my personal vibe is much more vintage & found object/unorthodox.
 I'm blessed to enjoy a highly individualized space that is very inspiring to create in.

But while it is highly impractical for me to do a studio utility storage "makeover",
I DID find a few storage options that are both stylish and practical.

My inexpensive IKEA desktop lazy susan houses a number of 
attractive storage options that keep things visible & close at hand.

Vintage lustreware Czech pottery pitcher for tools, transferware vase used for ruler storage, colorful mug for pens/scissors.
Vintage & new jelly jars for brads & clips, Jenni Bowlin antique green metal drawer for enamel/puffy accents.
Decorative pins poked into the lid of a floss storage basket.
This big rusty helper keeps my most used supplies right at hand on my desktop.
Top left is a vintage ice cream carton holding some pens & some compasses.
Alongside is an old cast iron soap dish & an orphaned teacup to hold loose little bits.

Whew! Between this post & the last, I have just proved myself a liar.
 I have quite a few stylish storage solutions!
Who knew? I hope you've been inspired by this little tour.

I know many work best in a clean uncluttered environment but I love eye candy :-) 
Take a look around you, at some of your favorite things with a re-purpose in mind.
Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy really IS inspiring.

We would love to see your creative ideas for stylish storage.
Feel free to add your take to the Linky and name it STORAGE STYLE.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for some great storage ideas! I too have "efficient but boring" storage for my supplies. I am making a wishlist for when I am able to convert one of the girls' bedrooms into a scrap space. I just added that lazy susan (I have things stored in mismatched mugs and jars like you) and will be on the lookout for other odds and ends that will help corral some of my things. It's nice to put some of the pretty things we already own to good use!

  2. I love all the repurposing going on here. But the thing that grabbed my attention the most? That flamingo pin! Too cool!


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