Thursday, March 31, 2016

040116 Archi-scraps April Challenge

BOLD. Graphic. Polka dots...

I find this building fascinating on many levels.
It's obviously an upcycle of some kind of shipping/storage containers,
which can actually be a very economical way to create a structure.

When I look at the surrounding landscape (including the pavement 
where this seems to be "parked") I begin to get very curious!

And then, obviously, there are those gigantic hot pink dots - on black, none the less!

I found a number of pages in my scrappy inspiration files that had dots or circles,
but ultimately that riot of dots with a large dose of black won the day.
The hot pink heart & a few other accents are a nod to that color in the inspiration.

The photo of baby Addie in polka dot socks started the whole thing off!
All of the dotted papers, including the tissue, came from my Felicity Jane 
kit stash, as well as the striped bag matting the photo & holding the journaling.

There are a few little nods to the telephone theme, including the cute little October Afternoon telephone card at the bottom & a telephone dial punched from an OA 9 to 5 paper. 
I've stamped the date of the photo where the telephone number would appear on the dial.

Everyone loves polka dots! The latest prompt #206 over at Whimsical Musings 
is to scrap with polka dots, so link up over there as well.

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  1. It was named the domino building on Pinterest. I particularly love this layout,must be the crispness of the colours I think.Gorgeous photo too.

    1. Thx, Julene! It really is mindful of dominoes. There is something about polka dots that says crisp to me, too. My daughter took the photo - I steal them off of her FaceBook page, lol :D

  2. Yes, you know how much I love this one!


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