Saturday, September 1, 2018

090118 WM#124

be inspired by stars or constellations or the night sky.
"The universe has no limit!"

My generation was raised in the era of "The Space Race", 
a time of unparalleled exploration, discovery & amazing achievements. 
My family took a trip when I was young to Cape Canaveral in Florida,
the home of  the launch pad & Mission Control.

Today it is called Kennedy Space Center and it is a fantastic place to visit. 
We had a thrilling day there on our March 2017 Winter Break vacation.

I wanted to include the brochures and quickly realized that to include all of my photos I would need to add a pocket flap. Yay! More real estate on the back side. I've also used the ticket stubs & a post card that shows a dramatic launch photo (plus some cute flair & a fussy-cut rocket.)

Flip the flap with the postcard and you see the full 1-1/2 page spread.

It's hard to grasp the drama from this photo so I will go in closer.

Note the sheer size of the building compared to the cars - there are rockets in there!

The 3-dimensional history of the space program.
Again, it is a matter of conveying the scale using the people. This runs the full length of the gallery.
And on the flip side of the coin, this vintage capsule can barely be entered!
Imagine being one of those pioneers blazing a trail into space! 
It was a really memorable visit to a fascinating place.
Now I will have to figure out how to get some of the story I've told here onto the page...

Thanks, Lisa, for the Whimsical Musings inspiration.

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  1. Yes, the up-close photos are great to give perspective and I really love how you used the flap so creatively with the tickets and the postcard and all the info. A great page and it looks like such an interesting place to visit. Maybe one day!

  2. Great layout. I was amazed at small the inside of the capsule was.
    Cindy F


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