Wednesday, September 5, 2018

090618 WM#251

be inspired by clover, aka the shamrock

After discarding the idea of the title, A Pig in Clover (me in my ztudio), 
I went searching for a poem about clover & found this cutie:

We are a family of teasers so he will like this!

Chose a throwback photo of my bro & I.
That is a serious fashion statement I am making, hehe...

And I sprinkled a few tiny green stars in lieu of shamrocks.

Had a great time with this & didn't get too stuck on the product choices.

Find yourself a Whimsical Musings prompt & have some fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I commented on this already I think but here it is again in detail and more info. The green stars are so sweet and the use of that background paper has me swooning - I wonder if I still have a sheet or two of it?!? The poem is hilarious and so sweet for that vintage photo. You are rocking the prompts!


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