Thursday, June 6, 2019

060619 CKC June Mini-Kit

I'm subbing in with a mini-kit this month & I decided to do a page kit for my Mother's Day photos. I got treated to a special evening out with one of my precious daughters plus my granddaughter. I grabbed these items from my original June kit:

When I made up my embellishment forgery cut-out sheet I included the Girls Night Out sentiment with these photos in mind. I tossed in the tassels as they matched perfectly! I made the star card from my version of the Hip Kit May Color Kit:

I built my page on a black cardstock base, using my forged mosaic paper in the corners & the forged grunge stars in the middle. 

I used the star card as a base for my title. I fussy-cut the sentiment & cut the printed logo for the event in a circle - I think it looks like the moon in the middle of all those stars! - and tricked out the bottom with the tassels.

A little silver & gold ink dressed up this stamped embellishment forgery.
 I'm glad that I got the chance to build a mini-kit this month!

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