Thursday, October 11, 2012

100612 Another Precious Date Day

Saturday we got out again for a 4 hour stretch, but this time was centered around errands.

I don't know what kind of advice I will get about a new stove from THESE clowns, hehe! Got one ordered & it arrives Thursday - woohoo! Glass cooktop with a Speed Heat burner & warming burner plus convection oven - can't wait to bake!

Looking for the Faber-Castell watercolor Gelato crayons rumored to be available at JoAnn but not only could I not find them, they have completely reorganized & ruined (I might add) the store! It looks & shops like a tacky variety store - ick... bought these cheapos just because I really want to try them. I doubt I'll be happy but I'll give them a whirl.

On to Harbor Freight for a gizmo for DH's telescope - a magnetic angle finder to find the azimuth when he's searching the sky.

On to Pesto's for lunch. Always delish & I always try one of the specials.

Today? Pumpkin ravioli - I'm not really a sweet/savory kind of gal, and these were tiny but very sweet - almost like yams with marshmallow - they actually tasted like candy corn! Served with turkey with gravy & broccoli. Won't be a repeat but glad I tried it. G had his usual artichoke pizza. Oh, yes! And pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Mine didn't get eaten for 2 days!

I'm seeing a theme here - stopped at Tim Horton's for a dozen fresh baked pumpkin spice donuts! Those will last us awhile. I even mailed one to my Jersey girl scrapsista - hope it makes it!

Couldn't resist stopping to snap this photo.

Last stop - flooring for the breakfast room! The kitchen rehab is our winter project. G trimmed out the doorway last weekend so all that is left is the floor. Have settled on a design & ordered everything today. That's next weekend's project!