Thursday, March 14, 2013

031413 "Better Late Than Never" March CKC Kit

Well, I couldn't resist getting a piece of the action this month at CKC
with such a TERRIFIC inspiration kit from Noel called Soda Shoppe!

So many things to counterfeit! 
Like that chevron paper under the straws...
  The trick with this is you need 2 sheets of diagonally striped papers.
Your strips must be cut in a different direction from each sheet...
ummm... you will notice the "fix" from my wrong cut, lol!

 This counterfeits the paper in the beginning of the 3rd row.

 This replaces the triangle paper under the owl.
I had hoped to make my own stamp to be a bit more true to the original but time got away.
This was the closest I could come from my stash of supplies but I rather like it!

This one is as much from my imagination as the kit picture!
Just under the chevron bags there appears to be a paper with arrows in a chevron pattern.
 It was a little tricky to block off the prior rows.
A little washi, a roller stamp - voila!

Now some embellis!

 So what's in the Magic Blue Box this month?

"Better Late Than Never"

 top detail

 bottom detail

Now I hope I have enough time left to use "Better Late Than Never" up!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

031113 Florida Vacation Mini-Book!

Well, sometimes when it's February & you live in Michigan you just have to pack up & hit the road in search of sun & sand, especially after the sadness of the last 6 weeks. My kindred spirit knew I would be creating on the road & she sent me an Amy Tan mini-book and the perfect bag to securely stash an Iris bin, so I filled one with goodies to play with. Back in 2011 I made my own mini-book of our Spring Break vacation from Amy's class at BPC - wow! It's been awhile since we have gotten away...

I did a lot of the scrapping on this along the way with sticky notes to remind me which pics went where. I have a little Polaroid-style template I made to just drop the little pics in after I had done my photo editing each day or two, so they were ready to print as soon as I returned home. I didn't travel with a lot of supplies - 3 washi tapes, an assortment of journaling tags & embellis, my tiny attacher & some glue.

 I haven't figured out what I want for a permanent closure.
 For now I have a  rubber band off of some brocolli (great color!) with a Tim Holtz tag 
that says "Breathe" - exactly what I needed to do for a little while...

Each day starts with one of these fancy numbers & a date stamp of the actual date.

It absolutely poured rain this entire leg of the trip, so I added some rub on clouds & vellum raindrops.
We ate a LOTof barbecue so you will see some of that ephemera all through the book.

Dog beach! She wouldn't go near the water.

This was our big outing to Lakeland, Florida to see a Detroit Tigers spring training game.

  I need some baseball stickers or sayings for these pages!

 Wow! That's only halfway through the book! 
There is so much room in these for a lot of the paper ephemera that we love to hoard, 
but this way you actually get to see it again! This tag came off the fancy custom bag from the candy store.

 I added the silverware embellis after we got home.

 I had to add the nautilus shell stamped image as it was so similar to the lighthouse stairway photo!

 The yellow piece was the sleeve our room card keys were in.


 A little extra space if we remember something else, but the patterned paper still stands alone.

This is a more personal album for my DH & I to remember some of the fun moments on this trip. I wanted it to remind us, not tell the stories, so that we can talk & laugh about things together when we look at it. I will probably do some pages as well about this trip. It was just what we needed to continue the healing process.