Saturday, March 30, 2019

040119 Archiscraps April Challenge

Only at Archiscraps! (Is anyone else wondering where that rope ladder goes?!?)

 I immediately thought of a photo from a dramatic hike taken in our early years in California when Greg mentioned it on a recent vacation as his all-time favorite hike. You can understand why when you look at the photos!

All I could think of from the inspiration photo & mine?
Between a rock and a hard place - the perfect title for this spread!
I squeezed the large word between the rest of the title, and then the center photo at the bottom.

Left side
Right side
 Full spread:

I love that this story has been documented!

Can't wait to see how this inspired YOU.
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Monday, March 18, 2019

031819 CKC Challenge #2

make the name of this kit your project inspiration!

This month I decided to choose a sketch in advance for both challenges.
This one gave me the total feels of freshness & light, but as you will see
in the end, "white space" doesn't really enter into the equation!

Then I pulled this mini-kit together from my #girlgonewild kit.

We ran into hordes of butterflies on a trip back in September 2017.
It was tough to capture them in a photo, but I knew that I wanted one with blue sky in it!
The full page lattice wood veneer needed a little paint/whitewash. I actually liked the back better with some bleed through & blobbing & randomness, which I added to.

Background paper: 2011 Crate Paper Paper Hearts/Petals

I know it's pretty busy but I think it's lovely, too!
Can't wait to see yours. You can add it to our Link-up page, post it in our Facebook Community or share it on Instagram (tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcmarch2019).

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

031219 CKC March Challenge #1

Our inspiration kit has several frames included in the Pink Paislee die-cut pack as well as a patterned paper covered with swirly frames! Include frames in a clever way on your project. 

*(OR a peek inside the chaotic mind of a creative....)

I decided this month to look on my Scrap Inspo pin board & found this to scraplift:

 My daughter recently asked me to text her some of her childhood photos to show my granddaughter & I ran across one of both her & myself with our first teeth out. Last summer my granddaughter lost her first tooth while we were all on vacation together. Photos & story - check!

I loved the large cutout title. I tried to make a digital pattern. I hunted up a stamp set I have with this font to make a template. I finally found these large chipboard alphas to make my pattern from, mostly because they fit across the page in a pleasing way. *(This is the point where I SHOULD have covered them with the accent paper.)

Here is what I decided on as the pattern for those pesky letters...

but I was less than wowed with the visual after I cut it out...

*(forgot to photo after cut)

 so I added a stitched outline - underwhelmed again!

*(What on earth does that SAY?!?)
I thought, well, it needs more contrast from the busy but white background.

*(Now that pink is just screaming at me...)
This is the point where you wonder if you've gone waaaaay too far...
and then I considered filling in the stitching.

*(Executive decision - add the subtitle & call it done.)
*(Yes, the wonkiness is MAJOR but I can live with that. I mean, look at those faces <3)
*(WHY didn't I just grab a Sharpie?!?)

*(Mental note - need pop dots...)
Suffice it to say I consider myself an "organic" scrapper.
Translation: flies by the seat of her pants!
And I forgot my favorite part of the story which will be scrapped elsewhere someday. 
Obviously we didn't expect her tooth to come out.
My daughter was completely unprepared for the Tooth Fairy.
I had a scrappy travel kit with me with a pack of glittery words.
Guess what the note from the Tooth Fairy said?

*(There is a method to my madness!)
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Monday, March 11, 2019

031119 Fifteenth Calvinball Page!

12x12, star, bling, old product, wood veneer, handwriting, stamp, "happy", watercolour, handstitching, fussy cut, use a number in the title, date the layout, flower, heart, embossing, 2 fonts in title + blogpost & sharing = 20 pts.
Extra points for using 1999 photos?!? lol

I didn't even have to fish through shoeboxes for these photos as I made a project last fall to hunt, gather & sort my hard copied photos. Calvinball helps them get on the page using old (2003!) & new product (2018) so it's a win-win-win! 

Come on over to the Calvinball 2019 Facebook group, won't you?

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

030919 Fourteenth Calvinball Page!

12x12, star, enamel dot, old product, sticker, stamp, b/w photo, selfie, pocket card, title w/5 words, fussy cutting, machine stitching, banner, date your layout, striped paper, dotted paper, teal/aqua + blogpost & sharing = 20 pts.

And guess what? I attended the Calvinball Crop this afternoon! I earned 8 more points: one just for being there, one for completing a layout, one for sharing the layout, and 5 more early bird super secret points!!! Be sure YOU get to the next one & join us at Calvinball 2019 Facebook group.

Update: Forgot to say that I was inspired by the Whimsical Musings #321 challenge to be inspired by Karl Lagerfeld. This quote gave me my direction for this page, although I did sneak in a bit of color!
Karl Lagerfeld black and white color quote

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030919 Thirteenth Calvinball Page!

12x12, star, enamel dot, bling, old product, wood veneer, handwriting, stamp, "happy", washi, mist, paint, sequins, dated, sticker, selfie, purple, cloud, 5 word title, camera, teal/aqua + blogpost & sharing = 24 pts.

Some of this goodness is covering up "oops" stamping...
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Friday, March 8, 2019

030819 Twelfth Calvinball Page!

Today needs a little explanation.
This is a 3 page spread that has fold out flaps.
Ignore the polka dot washi on the cover edges in lieu of a custom page protector for now.

3-12x12s, star, enamel dot, bling, old product (2004!), wood veneer, handwriting, memorabilia, stamp, b/w photo, "happy", graph paper, map/globe, sticker, ribbon, title with 5 words, striped paper + blogpost & sharing = 22 pts.
There is an additional photo that somehow got left out that I will paperclip in - that makes 17 photos!

The list of rules is almost up to 50!
Surely there is something on the list to spark your inspiration.
Come join in at the Calvinball 2019 Facebook group TODAY!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

030619 Eleventh Calvinball Page!

12x12, star, enamel dot, bling old product, wood veneer, stencil, create pp, stamp, the word "happy, washi, graph paper, pocket card, butterfly, sticker, animal print, 5 word title + blogpost & sharing = 20 pts.
I have picked up some new tricks that I will be using until my supplies run out!
Won't you take advantage of all the challenging things at Calvinball 2019 Facebook group?

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

030519 Tenth Calvinball Page!

12x12, star, enamel dot, bling, old product, wood veneer, handwriting, memorabilia (the background is the liner from a chip basket!), stamp, the word "happy", washi, floral paper, butterfly, sticker, purple + blogpost & sharing = 18 pts.
I HAD to do this today as this came up in my Facebook memories:

I swear - I do this EVERY YEAR!
What a ditz, lol!

I'll bet you have a good story to tell on yourself, don't you?
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Monday, March 4, 2019

030419 Ninth Calvinball Page!

Double 12x12, star, enamel dot, green, bling, old product, emoticon, wood veneer, handwriting, butterfly, sticker, memorabilia, stamp, animal print + blogpost & sharing = 18 pts.
Lots of old on here - 1992 photos & product as early as 2003!
Don't you want to use up some of your stash & make room for some new stuff?
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