Monday, October 26, 2015

OBW 120 - BOO!

Okay - I did take some liberties with this photo to make it spooky!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

101915 OBW 119 Gather

This was the first thing I thought of for this week:

Gather... as in the flower on her headband... (gathered? ...well, I'm sure you get it!)

But as the intent is to share our different parts of the world, I chose this instead.

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 Sharing the world through our lens.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

101715 OBW 118 Weather

I waited all week for some weather.

I thought this was kind of a fun approach!
Through the sun roof...

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

100615 CKC Challenge #1

Time to put our October CKC kits to use!

Challenge #1: 

Do a project sharing what your next move in life is.  
What is a goal?  What is a dream?  What would you like to do if you could?

This year a lot of milestones we set for ourselves have been realized. 
 Greg retired in May & has all but finished building the cabin.
We took our once in a lifetime trip to Alaska & the Yukon.
We've added another grandbaby to the family.

It's time to set some new personal goals for myself.
It's time to leave the season of loss & mourning behind.

First & foremost, I want my joy back!
And I've got the prescription for it - Psalm 51:10-13

Looking forward to a closer walk with the Lord & joy in serving Him every day in every way.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

100115 CKC October Kit Reveal

Welcome to the October Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog kit reveal post,
only this month? The kit to counterfeit isn't a kit at all! More on that in a moment...

First I'd like you to give a warm fuzzy welcome to our new Master Forgers, 

Kelly Sroka, Clair Rigby & Susan Brochu! A wonderful new injection of creativity & talent.
Thanks so much to everyone that applied for the team. We saw some amazing submissions & are
always so impressed with the calibre of work we see in the Linky each & every month.

Next up is a big hello to our Guest Designer this month, Tina Campbell!
Please click over to the link for her blog & enjoy her creations.

Which brings me back around to the inspiration-kit-that's-not-a-kit...
the ultimate challenge for our new Master Forgers as well as us veterans.
This month, just to tweak our brains & give us an extra nudge at working outside the box,
Bethany has chosen an old CSI challenge to create an original kit from.
The luscious colors & autumn feel of the photo certainly suit my part of the globe.

This became an interesting exercise for me in terms of how I normally "pull" a kit.

I investigated (hehe) the Testimony & made decisions about my projects for the month,
something I rarely think about in advance. This is really dumb since I often forget to include
items specified for challenges, but this month I already felt quite prepared after this first step. 

Next I went down the list of Evidence & pulled punches, embellishments, washi tape, mists,
wood veneers, flair, paint, etc. I even found an ATC card made by a friend which looks remarkably
like the pen & inkwell found each month on the CSI post!

Usually first but this month last but not least, I pulled papers. I started with over forty.
It became obvious which would work together (20) as soon as I laid them all out.
So happy to actually be kitting with real live patterned paper!

This month I won't have my Magic Blue Box since the entire kit is a total ...


Extra goodies to paw through when I need them.


My Forgeries on the Fourth post will go into more detail about how I was inspired by
the CSI info & what I've done with those parameters to create some kit pieces.

Make sure you don't miss ANY of this month's innovation by the team!

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