Monday, August 31, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Eight, Whitehorse

7:30 bags out

Bus to Whitehorse leaves in less than an hour, so we opted to get up early for breakfast.
Sounds like it will be a leisurely day heading south with frequent stops.

Our tour director, Reena informed us that we are now in cruise training mode.
We will be stopping every hour & a half for snacks, lol.

I think Lila needs one of these...

 A trapper's cabin preserved for posterity.

Complete with chinked logs & sod roof.

Scenic stop at Five Finger Rapids near the Yukon Crossing for a group photo.

 Dallon, our bus driver for the four days in the Yukon, was the best.

Snapped this beauty just outside our next food stop,  Braeburn Lodge, 
home of the world famous cinnamon bun the size of a dinner plate (groan)

As soon as we pulled into White Horse we had to grab a quick 
dinner & head out to Miles Canyon for a hike.

This was a spot that gold seekers tried to use to get their supplies upstream, 
but treacherous currents & the narrow cliffs caused too many accidents.

The forest was a beautiful mix of pale birch & black spruce.

This little guy was quite entertaining!

Thanks, Connie & John, for suggesting this little side trip!

Tomorrow we are whisked onward to Skagway via the White Pass Railroad.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Seven, Dawson City

No wake up call!

Today we are staying put (said with a great sigh
of relief) & strolling over to the breakfast buffet.

Took a turn around town & scoped out the shops.
So happy to have found a number of beautiful
silver charms for my special Alaska bracelet.

Seen at the Visitor's Center: 

Peeked in at the gift shop, hoping to find a tiny pair
of pink mocassins for soon-to-be born Addie.

Took a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Yukon River.

Fireweed is Yukon's official flower. Known as the calendar flower, it begins to bloom from the bottom up at summer's start & eventually turns to cotton. "When fireweed is cotton, summer's forgotten," as it's commonly believed that within three weeks or so the first snow will come. I will have to remember to check the weather records for Dawson City in a month or so!
Purple vetch, fireweed,
rose hips &  yarrow.

We met up with some local women as we walked, who warned that there are often bears 
in the area. They advised us to keep up a continuous conversation or to sing out loud. 
They also suggested Sourdough Joe's for the best halibut in town!

Waiting with great anticipation - well worth the wait.

I loved this mural of the Klondike Spirit paddlewheeler on the Yukon, our next excursion.

On the Yukon River bank opposite Dawson City lies a paddlewheel graveyard.
Ships were abandoned as other modes of transport made the journey much easier.

Tomorrow takes us south to Whitehorse, with some interesting stops along the way!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Six, Dawson City

5:30 am

Bags out. Taken to the airport at 7:30 for 9:30 flight to the Yukon.

One last mystical glimpse from the plane of Denali rising above the clouds...

Queuing up for customs - we're in Canada!

Dawson City laid out below the Top of the Mound.

Two rivers meet - the Klondike on the left & the Yukon on the right.

Visiting the grocery store to check out the produce prices was an eye-opener!

The river valley with wooded hills is such a beautiful setting.
The raven on the roof is one of many we saw while in the Yukon.
They figure largely in the First Nations lore.

Wolverine pelt - a bit pricey for a U of M souvenir for Alex.

Must have been something, back in the day.

This afternoon we head out to the Discovery Claim, the start of the Klondike Gold Rush.
They are still mining the area today.

Another blessing - just beside the road a moose, eating the tender plants on the bottom.

A few additions to the fur family!

Relieved that we aren't off on any big adventures tomorrow.
We will stay put & enjoy Dawson City.

1:00 am - up to check out the Perseid meteor shower. 
After a half hour I had only seen three, so I called it a night. 
The night sky here has not been clear yet, but I'm hopeful!