Friday, August 28, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Six, Dawson City

5:30 am

Bags out. Taken to the airport at 7:30 for 9:30 flight to the Yukon.

One last mystical glimpse from the plane of Denali rising above the clouds...

Queuing up for customs - we're in Canada!

Dawson City laid out below the Top of the Mound.

Two rivers meet - the Klondike on the left & the Yukon on the right.

Visiting the grocery store to check out the produce prices was an eye-opener!

The river valley with wooded hills is such a beautiful setting.
The raven on the roof is one of many we saw while in the Yukon.
They figure largely in the First Nations lore.

Wolverine pelt - a bit pricey for a U of M souvenir for Alex.

Must have been something, back in the day.

This afternoon we head out to the Discovery Claim, the start of the Klondike Gold Rush.
They are still mining the area today.

Another blessing - just beside the road a moose, eating the tender plants on the bottom.

A few additions to the fur family!

Relieved that we aren't off on any big adventures tomorrow.
We will stay put & enjoy Dawson City.

1:00 am - up to check out the Perseid meteor shower. 
After a half hour I had only seen three, so I called it a night. 
The night sky here has not been clear yet, but I'm hopeful!


  1. That derelict building is amazing! It's the kind of thing that makes me want to 'turn my hand' to restoration!

  2. I have the same shot of the derelict building :-) I thought Dawson was cute - we were there right at the end of the season and it was really quiet but lovely all the same! did you have a sour toe cocktail?!?

  3. I used to live in Dawson City, and I miss it sooooo much! Thanks so much for sharing these photos, I feel such nostalgia right now!

    1. Awww! Day Seven has more :)
      It was nice to have a break from the bus for a couple of days.
      Would love to hear more about your time there!

  4. You saw a moose,I'm extremely jealous!!!. We didn't go there but your photos make me feel like I had.


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