Saturday, August 22, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day One, Continental Crossing

 From Flint, Michigan to Anchorage, Alaska
3845.60 miles


3:30 am  Arrived at Flint Bishop International Airport two hours early for our flight only to find it deserted & a note on the American Airlines counter that they would open at 4:30 am & you only need to arrive 30 minutes before your flight...really? Oh, well. Left us plenty of time to take the traditional photo at the paper airplane.

Finally on board the plane to our Chicago connection.

Lake Michigan shoreline at dawn...

Making the transfer to Alaska Airlines - on to Anchorage...

Alaska - bring it on!

Exciting previews...

Gorgeous airport

First in a series of stuffed bear pics.

For our Gladwin neighbor, Robert!

Can't get over the gorgeous flowers everywhere.
G said, Well, there are 20 hours of daylight every day!

The first of a second series of photo ops.

Salmon stream just outside of the restaurant where I ordered...
wait for it... salmon, lol! He has one on the stringer at his feet.
G had halibut for the first time & it's his new favorite.

Another stuffed bear photo!

Found a terrific furrier with great quality & prices.

 Now to try to end with a good night's sleep, even though the sun is still shining.


  1. Welcome home! Hope it was a wonderful trip - enjoyed these photos and looking forward to hearing more about your Alaska adventure!

  2. looks like you have some critters in your bed! Better upgrade to king size! LOL! What a wonderful start to your trip. You captured some great shots. So funny how early you were too excited to sleep anyway!

  3. Looks like a good start to this amazing trip. What an adventure! Looking forward to reading the next posts and seeing what you get up to ;-) Very envious of your trip.... Not exactly sure about your furry finds LOL but each to his own!!!! :-)

  4. You look keen and ready to start in that airport photo. I like the furs on your bed.


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