Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Two, Kenai Fjords

8 am

Boarding a bus for a visit to Seward, Alaska to tour the Kenai Fjords.

Our boat will take us through Resurrection Bay to tour the Aialik Peninsula shoreline.

Pair of eagles just outside the harbor!

This was unexpected.

This was not, lol.


Dad, with the tall straight fin, is watching out for the family while baby stays close to mama.

Stellar sea lions

Fin whales - their fins are at the very rear of their extremely
long bodies so we are seeing maybe less than half of their total length.

Horned & tufted puffins

Dall's porpoises - playful but extremely difficult to photograph as
they are so quick & travel just under the surface of the water.

Two playing together! You can see the white tail flipper of the one on the left out of
the water while the one coming in from the right's body is still mostly under the water.

Murres & cormorants

Then we headed in to the Aialik Glacier.

Humpback whale

Sea otters, waving goodbye!

Loved being out on the water on such a gorgeous day.
I actually got a sunburn in Alaska!

This day was truly a blessing from God who gave us such an abundant look at His creation.
We even had the most wonderful captain who had a poetically lyrical way of describing
what we were seeing. She was as excited about all of the sightings as we all were.

We got in so late from this excursion that the hotel restaurant was closed,
so we grabbed a quick bite with new-found friends, Lee & Janice.

Tomorrow it's bags ready early as we head to Denali on the McKinley Explorer train!


  1. Your photos are stunning! Of course, the wildlife and scenery is breathtaking, but I love seeing the happy faces of you and G. So happy for you both.

  2. Amazing! How wonderful that you got to see this beauty up close. That otter photo is adorable! We had family that spent some time at Denali in June and they're still talking about how great it was. Will be tuning in tomorrow to hear your thoughts...

  3. ohhh seeing these photos brings back sweet memories of my honeymoon. We did an Alaskan cruise and it was so beautiful and majestic. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, I can't wait to see the rest of your pics xx

  4. Wow. Just wow. I don't know what I love more - the nature, the wonderful wildlife, the incredible ice and glacier or your happy smiles!!! I simply love those whale photos and the glacier. Fantastic - all of that in one day?!!? what an amazing experience. One day... for me....

  5. Whales are awesome.So glad you are having a wonderful trip.


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