Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Seven, Dawson City

No wake up call!

Today we are staying put (said with a great sigh
of relief) & strolling over to the breakfast buffet.

Took a turn around town & scoped out the shops.
So happy to have found a number of beautiful
silver charms for my special Alaska bracelet.

Seen at the Visitor's Center: 

Peeked in at the gift shop, hoping to find a tiny pair
of pink mocassins for soon-to-be born Addie.

Took a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Yukon River.

Fireweed is Yukon's official flower. Known as the calendar flower, it begins to bloom from the bottom up at summer's start & eventually turns to cotton. "When fireweed is cotton, summer's forgotten," as it's commonly believed that within three weeks or so the first snow will come. I will have to remember to check the weather records for Dawson City in a month or so!
Purple vetch, fireweed,
rose hips &  yarrow.

We met up with some local women as we walked, who warned that there are often bears 
in the area. They advised us to keep up a continuous conversation or to sing out loud. 
They also suggested Sourdough Joe's for the best halibut in town!

Waiting with great anticipation - well worth the wait.

I loved this mural of the Klondike Spirit paddlewheeler on the Yukon, our next excursion.

On the Yukon River bank opposite Dawson City lies a paddlewheel graveyard.
Ships were abandoned as other modes of transport made the journey much easier.

Tomorrow takes us south to Whitehorse, with some interesting stops along the way!


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