Friday, September 28, 2018

092818 WM#304 be inspired by twine

Have you ever had a creative idea & just couldn't stop until you executed it?

We had a yummy date day last Saturday. When you run errands at a couple of farmer's markets, it at least feels like a date! Then Lisa put up this Whimsical Musings prompt this week. I already had this fun little mini-book in mind & my CKC September kit at hand. Combine all of this with the bags from some artisan bread & fresh donuts, a handful of buttons tossed in for garnish, and voila!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

091818 CKC September Challenge #2 + WM#302

Autumn Equinox - Fall begins!
Good Morning and we have the 2nd Challenge of the month. This challenge is about the Autumn Equinox - Fall begins! Well in a couple of days it does Sept. 23
Do a project about Fall-Anything Fall related- leaves, apples, cold weather and so on. What does Fall mean to you?

Fall for me is a chance to freshen up my seasonal mantel.
I won't have outdoor photos that reflect the change of season
for awhile so this really puts me in the mood!

I set my Freckled Fawn I <3 Fall coffee mug epoxy button 
sticker on the table beside the couch, wink-wink.

And I had to use some of the fabulous We R Memory Keepers Shine collection cork stickers.
Does anyone else feel like some of the older things are looking better & better? lol

And I've got another double inspiration!
Lisa's latest Whimsical Musings challenge prompt #302
has to do with how much she loves fall - so much that she 
actually has a hashtag about it! #watchmesmile

Looking forward to hot drinks & sweaters.
Still way too hot - even up here in Michigan!

Be inspired & create.
Then link it up & share!

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

091518 Shall We Play a Game?

My scrap bestie Lynnette had a wonderful week this summer at her favorite place on earth:

She also had a birthday this month!
So I set out to give her the perfect gift... 

DH cuts & sands a piece of plywood,
and I set out to recreate that awesome font
by printing on label paper to make a set of masks.

I remembered that I had some old checkers found in 
an old tin cigar box scored for a dollar at an antique show.
Would there be enough? Yes, if I paint 3 red ones.

As much as I love fussy-cutting this was 
an easy peasy job in front of the telly.
 Getting excited as I see it taking shape!

Sprayed & dried, then removing the masks.

Turned out awesome! Now the plan was
 to seal it with a tinted stain to age it a bit. 

Unfortunately the paint smeared dreadfully...
I couldn't bear to take a photo.
After a consult with my handy-dandy DH,
we decided we had one of two options:
try sanding it & if that doesn't work?
Start all over... (tearing up at this point!)

Oh my heart - I love it!
I hope she does, too.

And it didn't occur to me until it was on its way
that perhaps they bought the one they were 
playing with for a souvenir...

Not even going there!

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Friday, September 7, 2018

090718 WM#265 + CKC September "Blessed" kit #1

Whimsical Musing #265 be inspired by bees
 I have had this title on my to-do list from the time the #265 prompt was posted, lol!
 Everything but the alphas came from my Counterfeit Kit Challenge September "Blessed" kit.

We tried a new-to-us section of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail north of Midland to Coleman.
It has an interesting feature as you travel along - a scale model of the solar system!
We only encountered two in the section we visited but are looking forward to seeing the rest.

If you are unfamiliar with rail trails they are repurposed railway beds, easily transformed into paths for biking, walking or running. Fairly level & relatively straight it makes a really pleasant place to exercise, often out in the countryside.

Hope you are inspired to create something of your own!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

090618 WM#251

be inspired by clover, aka the shamrock

After discarding the idea of the title, A Pig in Clover (me in my ztudio), 
I went searching for a poem about clover & found this cutie:

We are a family of teasers so he will like this!

Chose a throwback photo of my bro & I.
That is a serious fashion statement I am making, hehe...

And I sprinkled a few tiny green stars in lieu of shamrocks.

Had a great time with this & didn't get too stuck on the product choices.

Find yourself a Whimsical Musings prompt & have some fun!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

090418 CKC Forgery on the Fourth

One Canoe 2 "Rings & Crosses" woodgrain paper forgery (minus the crosses!) plus an embellishment based on the Jillibean Soup "Rise & Shine" Mason jar paper, which includes a forged dimensional bow.

I had this great woodgrain paper but decided to forge the brighter version in the kit with this perfect stamp.

My supplies for the Mason jar-inspired counterfeit.

I took a purchased bow apart for a template but HERE is one to print in 3 different sizes.

I really love how this came out!

Choose your favorite part of the inspiration kit & make it happen!
Be sure & link up so we can applaud.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

090318 WM#258

be inspired by this October Afternoon Sketch
I can't remember now what put me in mind of these photos for this sketch but they are perfect!
Time to work on our Alaska cruise album again, I think...

This bear is having a good ole back scratch!
I went in search of all things "bear" in my stash, mostly Simple Stories & October Afternoon.
Then I looked online for a poem & found this perfect little thought about grizzlies:

Go check out the list of prompts at Whimsical Musings for FAB inspiration.
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Saturday, September 1, 2018

090118 WM#124

be inspired by stars or constellations or the night sky.
"The universe has no limit!"

My generation was raised in the era of "The Space Race", 
a time of unparalleled exploration, discovery & amazing achievements. 
My family took a trip when I was young to Cape Canaveral in Florida,
the home of  the launch pad & Mission Control.

Today it is called Kennedy Space Center and it is a fantastic place to visit. 
We had a thrilling day there on our March 2017 Winter Break vacation.

I wanted to include the brochures and quickly realized that to include all of my photos I would need to add a pocket flap. Yay! More real estate on the back side. I've also used the ticket stubs & a post card that shows a dramatic launch photo (plus some cute flair & a fussy-cut rocket.)

Flip the flap with the postcard and you see the full 1-1/2 page spread.

It's hard to grasp the drama from this photo so I will go in closer.

Note the sheer size of the building compared to the cars - there are rockets in there!

The 3-dimensional history of the space program.
Again, it is a matter of conveying the scale using the people. This runs the full length of the gallery.
And on the flip side of the coin, this vintage capsule can barely be entered!
Imagine being one of those pioneers blazing a trail into space! 
It was a really memorable visit to a fascinating place.
Now I will have to figure out how to get some of the story I've told here onto the page...

Thanks, Lisa, for the Whimsical Musings inspiration.

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