Friday, September 7, 2018

090718 WM#265 + CKC September "Blessed" kit #1

Whimsical Musing #265 be inspired by bees
 I have had this title on my to-do list from the time the #265 prompt was posted, lol!
 Everything but the alphas came from my Counterfeit Kit Challenge September "Blessed" kit.

We tried a new-to-us section of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail north of Midland to Coleman.
It has an interesting feature as you travel along - a scale model of the solar system!
We only encountered two in the section we visited but are looking forward to seeing the rest.

If you are unfamiliar with rail trails they are repurposed railway beds, easily transformed into paths for biking, walking or running. Fairly level & relatively straight it makes a really pleasant place to exercise, often out in the countryside.

Hope you are inspired to create something of your own!

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  1. Yes! Such a great layout and all those lovely seasonal colours. It sounds like a fun day out and anything solar system is great and so interesting. There are so many little details to catch as i look over the layout (the paper you used for the hexagons is just gorgeous) and the little woodgrain tab to pull out the info sheet. thanks - you make me feel so happy!

  2. what a beautiful page. love the woodgrain label
    Cindy F


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