Thursday, March 14, 2013

031413 "Better Late Than Never" March CKC Kit

Well, I couldn't resist getting a piece of the action this month at CKC
with such a TERRIFIC inspiration kit from Noel called Soda Shoppe!

So many things to counterfeit! 
Like that chevron paper under the straws...
  The trick with this is you need 2 sheets of diagonally striped papers.
Your strips must be cut in a different direction from each sheet...
ummm... you will notice the "fix" from my wrong cut, lol!

 This counterfeits the paper in the beginning of the 3rd row.

 This replaces the triangle paper under the owl.
I had hoped to make my own stamp to be a bit more true to the original but time got away.
This was the closest I could come from my stash of supplies but I rather like it!

This one is as much from my imagination as the kit picture!
Just under the chevron bags there appears to be a paper with arrows in a chevron pattern.
 It was a little tricky to block off the prior rows.
A little washi, a roller stamp - voila!

Now some embellis!

 So what's in the Magic Blue Box this month?

"Better Late Than Never"

 top detail

 bottom detail

Now I hope I have enough time left to use "Better Late Than Never" up!


  1. Are you kidding me?!?! Your counterfeited paper is AMAZING!!! Love every one of your counterfeited items! AMAZING!

  2. Awww, Julie - thanks! The paper was really fun to do.
    I think I'll do that more of the time:~)

  3. better late than never is just scratching the surface of this amazingly incredible kit! I'm a bit lazy about actually creating my own counterfeit products but when I see what you've come up with here, well, I just feel bad ;-)

    the arrow paper and the doilies are awesome and you just summed up the kit perfectly. Inspiration in a box. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow-I LOVE your counterfeits! Great kit!

  5. Love your kit and I love your counterfeits!!

  6. You get the prize for the most counterfeits! Love that fringe...must get those scissors and how did you score a whole container of those picks from Cracker Barrel. I love those owl images and that pop of red and blue give the whole kit a very old-fashioned vibe. And the it! Glad you pushed to put it together.

  7. Awesome kit! I love all your handmade items, especially the chevrons paper! x

  8. Holy cow! You didn't just pull what you already had for CREATED so many cool elements! Really impressive and gave me so many nifty tricks to try myself! Love that tip about creating a chevron stripe by using the same diagonal paper cut in different directions!

  9. wow,the doily stamp is amazing! never seen such a thing! Heather x


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