Saturday, January 5, 2013

010513 Date Day in Lansing

Still in search of prime rib...for lunch...

Time permitting, my knight in shining armor scoped out some furniture stores to get some inspiration for the living room - definitely a future project but we are ready to start dreaming. Funny how most of the sofas are too deep in the seat & the backs are slanted - impossible to sit up straight! But they did have this wonderful wall of clocks at Pilgrim House.

My fave? 3rd from the left - and it's tin (bonus!) Too bad I don't need one. 
Second choice would be the steam-punk style with the gears on the far left.

Then we headed downtown...

...found in the old railroad depot and furnished with really interesting stuff.

We ate in a beautiful old railroad car, which reminded us of the Victoria Station restaurant chain 
we used to visit back in the day for our anniversary dinners.

My Capture Your 365 prompt was to "photograph colorful food" - perfect!

Didn't exactly nail the focus but I was trying to show how tall this chocolate mousse pie was.

As usual, it was good to get out & be together <3

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