Friday, July 5, 2013

070613 July CKC Kit "Up Tempo" CONTEST WINNER!

Here are the close-ups, followed by the complete kit.
Remember, we were searching for
 Hellos, ampersands, hearts, stars, cameras, buttons, and "6"s...

Hellos 2, ampersands 1, hearts 42 , stars 23, cameras 1, buttons 0, "6"s 0.

NEW: Hellos 1, ampersands 3, hearts 1 , stars 3, cameras 14, buttons 1, "6"s  2.

NEW: Hellos 0, ampersands 1, hearts 19, stars 3, cameras 13, buttons 0, "6"s  0

NEW: Hellos 0, ampersands 2, hearts 1 , stars 1, cameras 3, buttons 2, "6"s  3

GRAND TOTALS: Hellos 3, ampersands 7, hearts 63 , stars 30, cameras 31, buttons 4, "6"s  4!

sassyscrapper said:'s what I spied in this jam packed kit: 
 Hello - 1, Cameras - 10, Stars - 24, & - 2, Hearts - 61, Number 6 - 2. That was fun!
Joyce Rodli said: 
Ampersands =1 hearts=42 stars=10 cameras=17 buttons=4 there is two that might be I am going with the spool of twine in upper right corner as the "6"

...PLUS 12 hearts

... and now that my hubs has seen the pictures I know where 3 6 are, confound it! and I totally missed the hellos - I thought you were saying hello!
 And Julene Matthews said:
I'll come back and count all those goodies.

But, alas, she never did...
SOOOOOO... the winner is...

Well, I don't really want to choose, so EVERYBODY GETS A PRIZE!
(Of course that is easy when there are only 2 players, lol!!!)

Each lucky winner will receive a page kit from yours truly!
I hope you will post a pic of yourself with it when you receive it & send me 
the link so I can feature you (and YOUR blog link) in a future blogpost .
Thanks for playing along!


  1. LOL - you are madly generous!! Way too much effort to count all of that - those gals deserve a prize ;-)

    1. I'm kind of a Where's Waldo? kind of gal, lol! Thought that would make it more fun :~)

  2. LOL! You are super generous! Congrats to the winners!

    ps... THANK YOU so much for leaving love on the Virtual Smooches blog during the month of June!! I love sharing my videos-- and I love that you enjoy watching them:) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. You are very welcome :~)
      So much fun to meet new people & learn new things on the blogosphere!

  3. I had every intention of coming back and counting but where does the time go?!?im sure I'd have counted totally wrong thought the way my brain is working right now. Ha ha. I agree that you are very generous and I'm sure the girls will love their page it's!

  4. Thank you! You are too much!! XOXO


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