Saturday, July 13, 2013

071313 Date Day Saturday!

Booked our day to do some porch shopping!
Some last touches to finish it off.

First stop? IKEA Canton for plants & pots...

New retail territory in Ann Arbor...

So wanted to take this little girl home with me!

These made me think of an old friend...
...and Dani, lol!

Brought this home for the Gramma's house stash - 
cutest old-school graphics - and how fun! Rhyming dominoes
This was sooo refreshing. I'm keeping the bottle

Stopped home to drop off the IKEA goodies, to be featured in a separate post,
then on to Pier One in search of candle lanterns to hang on the porch.
These will do nicely, thank you!


Always great to spend time together <3


  1. You guys have the best date days! And now I'm craving a cheddar bay biscuit! The porch looks fabulous - naturally fits in. The lanterns are perfect, too. Hope you spend many wonderful hours in your new space.

  2. Oops! That was me above! I must have been still signed in to the CKC blog. :)


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