Sunday, July 28, 2013

072713 Date Day

Started the day out right being squired to breakfast by my darling DH!

 Then we headed to the farm store for chicken supplies
but look what was happening there!
 John Deere green is irresistible!

 Love that this old Ford tractor looks like a hot rod!
 The plaque made me cry...
 How CUTE are these?
 (next time we bring the pickup truck...)
 Later this afternoon we are out to the Kruger's farm to pick up our new "girls"! 
So excited to have fresh eggs again...
 Hey! Don't run off with my harem!
 These are up for grabs - wish I had room!
 Said hullo to the sheep. 
The big brown one said hullo back in a deep bass voice, lol!
 Barn swallow - lovely.
 Karen & John make the catch.
 Greg hangs onto the first of five.
 The new deluxe accommodations!
 Welcome home, girls.
 Quick stop at Home Depot.
Lila patiently waiting for Grampa.
 Final stop of the day?
Dairy Queen for a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard - yum!


  1. Oh, what a nice day you had! Just read this to DH! TYFS. Loved the tractors!!

  2. Those are some DE-LUXE accommodations for the girls! Woooowwwaa! G is amazing! What a fantastic day. I love the way the bail of hay got to sit "shotgun"! LOL! I didn't know you had diners in your area, too. They are big here in NJ, but I know they are not everywhere. I'll expect a full report on what you had! Always so much fun to get a peek in on your special days together.

  3. We need to spend more days like this :-)


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