Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorting Out My New Space

Well, a little history...
My scrap room was a delightful little sitting room just inside our front door. Lovely windows and the perfect size. Last summer my dear Aunie came to live with us after a series of hospitalizations, and my room made a perfect bedsitter for her. So I packed up (most) of my stash & moved over to the living room.
Not everyone liked the view... 

...and it was a little tough to scrap at night trying not to disturb anyone.

So when we brought her home from the hospital again a few weeks ago, 
we needed room for a hospital bed, and the scrap spot was the perfect place. 

I got to move on up to the little jewel bedroom I made out of Alex's room! 
The only drawback was the closet is already full.

Well, I'll have to get to that later, I guess! I'm planning to stow my sewing machine in here. In the meantime I've had to leave it downstairs :~(

We quickly got everything out of the way & upstairs. I decided on a floor plan & shifted the furniture, but it's a work in progress to sort & stow my stash so that it is available in a cohesive way. Little by little, day by day...

I am hoping to have an inspiration board the length of that wall to the left behind the door! (Did I forget to mention this is the first scrapspace I've had with walls?) Continuing clockwise in the room...

My cart full of paper is to the left of the table, and on the right tucked underneath are drawers that hold my adhesives, heat gun, Dymo, stamping stuff, with my paper cutter on top.

I spy Lynnette & Heidi's handiwork!

  Looks like room for another inspiration board! Or maybe some shelving...?
These bins hold stamps, scraps, paint supplies, washi tape, etc. I'll have to do a post about those. The slots at the bottom are sized for 12x12 bins and store cardstock/b&w/kraft paper, stencils, masks, and project bins. On top are my diecut machines, some Tim Holtz inking supplies and my blue bin for my CKC kit each month (alas, not this month)

 The stack to the left is all photos & the bin on the right is my alpha stash. The little table will have to go. I am thinking I will stack some bins in front of the mantel until I get the closet cleared.

Did I mention that the cat thinks this is HER room now, lol? I so love this chair! Will need to get my books & magazines moved up from Aunie's room. The piles are what I am sorting & sifting to be stowed in a more practical way.

And this is what's left in the hallway...

(mostly other papers & boxes of layouts)

 ...on/in the living room shelving...

(more supplies!!!)

...and a cabinet that remains downstairs for the time being

LOL - I was looking for that can of adhesive earlier!
Oh - and don't forget the sewing machine...

So I am trying to make little slices of time to not only organize & sift my stash, but also to SCRAP!

xo - Leslie

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  1. What a fantastically charming space! I love your frame with chicken wire and that nice cozy chair next to the mantle. A perfect scrappy retreat. Even though life gave you lemons, it looks like you whipped up a great batch of lemonade. And after all, the work you are doing to keep Aunie home and comfortable is so admirable. I admire your flexibility, creativity and positive attitude. Hugs!


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