Saturday, January 25, 2014

012514 Date Day Saturday

Wow - it's been awhile since one of these posts!
Today we headed up to Frankenmuth, just a little jog north of us, for the Zehnder Snowfest.

Ice carving displays...

Go, Detroit Tigers!

Ice sculptures are scattered all over town, along with the Zehnder chicken!

The weather required some hot drinks.

Love the chalkboard marquee on the coffee booth.

My favorite snow sculpture. Amazing how that little guy is suspended!

This was "sweet" (as in honey) & so detailed.

Love Batman's expression! (uh-oh...)

Wouldn't be a visit to the ice festival without a brat in the open air.

And a little bonus when we arrived home - chicken #3, Barbara Maran, laid her first egg!
French Maran chickens lay deep brown chocolate colored eggs so we are sure it was Barbara.

Quick visit in the afternoon to see the grands - Grandma was too busy playing to get any snaps, but hopefully tomorrow. They are growing up so quickly. Such a delight to get some time together.


  1. Wow - some great sculptures there. Having a brat in the open air - I was looking for a child in the picture as a "brat" is what we would call a naughty child!

  2. Oh how fascinating - never seen snow sculptures before - must have been VERY cold though!

  3. love these - I'd be there like a shot! And I still find it so amusing to see so much "German" where you are. The best brat you can have are either in the winter at the Weihnachtsmarkt or in summer on the BBG! Thanks for sharing

  4. Those snow sculptures are amazing. Looks like a great day out - if a little chilly!


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