Monday, March 3, 2014

030214 Date Day Saturday

Plans for this weekend were easily decided after we received a reminder postcard that Red Cedar Antiques in Williamston, Michigan was having their annual 25% storewide discount yesterday. Well within striking distance, and with the Antiques Market of Williamston at the other end of town, we headed out on this gloomy grey morning.

 Thinking of my brother.

 Can you guess what this is?
It is a ginormous watercolor set! For scale, note my thumb at bottom right... 
 Anyone like Kellogg's cereals? Headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan.

 Loved this little guy! He looked like he snuck in & was tiptoeing around.

 Thinking of Timmy :~D

 This would be perfect for the boys but it was too rickety.

 Left this behind but loved it just the same.

Lunched in Williamston at the Red Cedar Grill. Appetizer, soup & dessert were FAB. Entrees not so much this time.

 Stopped for a little taste of sunshine.

 My haul. Most of it will end up on scrapbook pages.

 G's latest addition to his lock collection.


  1. Oh my SO much snow! We've had none. Looks like you were pretty restrained on the purchasing ... I love the red chair/sledge thing

  2. Brrrr, that snow is making me cold, we've had such a mild winter with no snow and I hope it stays that way!
    Some great items there, I was thinking you'd bought them all until I read further :O

  3. How did you leave the watercolors behind? Loved the shout out to book. Looks like you brightened a dreary day with an interesting day out.

  4. I had tins of paints as big as that as a child (actually triggered my fear of numbers if you remember back to that WM prompt!!) but maybe not as pretty as the Alice in Wonderland decoration! looks like a fun day


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