Thursday, May 8, 2014

050814 CKC May Tutorial Post

Bethany chose great inspiration kits from Paper Camelia that were full of fun.
I hope you have been adventurous & begun to put your May kit together!

Here is a side-by-side view of my papers next to the inspiration.
Remember, I used the Fancy Pants "As You Wish" line for my papers.

I counterfeited the "Wish" large chevron...

I found a similar large diagonal stripe which I cut in half.

I need the diagonal going the other way, so I cut the right side in half again.

 Now I can give the two pieces a half turn.
They don't quite mate up so I will do a little trimming.

Next is the "Collection" paper B-side.

I knew I had the perfect stamp set for this.
Positively ancient Heidi Swapp foam!
I thought this would look FAB in glitter.

Well, I must confess - this was a flopped forgery!
I transferred glue from my hands onto the paper which left
extra glitter plus the adhesive didn't go on evenly. Boo!

Plan B: Use washi tape!
 I simply cut freehand on the diagonal & mimicked the pattern.

I chose to work in a 6x6" format as these fussy little
patterns can be tedious in a larger 12x12" paper.

My final paper couldn't have been easier ("My World").

Mine is "True North" - just grabbed a different PL card.

Having the cards saved me a lot of effort, although they also would have been fun to forge.

 Hoping that we help give you the courage to raid your own stash 
& maybe find an innovative way to recreate the inspirations!


  1. I am going to try the chevron remake. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  2. I love the side by side comparison you did of your kit and the inspiation kit! I'm amazed at how similar some of them are! Great job with your forgeries, too. It is so satisfying when it works out well. I will definitely try some of these ideas, especially the chevron design. I've attempted to recreate a chevron design in the past, with no luck. Thanks for the great ideas and free printable!

  3. Good to see the way your mind works - love the washi pattern idea

  4. They all look fabulous and you have proved why I don't like glitter! Scrapping is a learning curve for sure.

  5. You are a patient and dedicated master forger. They all look fabulous!

  6. Amazing stuff - fabulous forging again Leslie :)

  7. You really are a master forger. I know I say it often but it's so true!


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