Monday, July 14, 2014

071414 Creative Blog Tour

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere courtesy of a shout-out from my LOADsista DANI. We are two in a long line of creative types who hope you will enjoy checking out this Creative Blog Tour fueled by friendship & admiration. At the end of this post I will be introducing you to a few more of my creative friends. Please visit their blogs for an inspirational stop on the tour!

 A wonderfully funny, friendly & gifted teacher Dani can help you get all things Instagram down on the page with her series of classes. Her blog is wonderfully entertaining & a few times a year she does a daily video for the LayOutADay LOAD challenge month that is charming & delightful.

I am a born-again believer living in the heartland, married to my high school sweetheart. My creative interests are scrapbooking, photography, quilting & interior decorating, and I am planning to work on a book series now that I am retired!

At this moment I have been officially retired for two weeks. I have spent the last six months at work purging 30 years of paper records and every day I wondered why I wasn't at home purging 20 years of my personal flotsam & jetsam. My goal in the first go-round is to clear all closets & hidey-holes and make my home work better for this new stage of life.

On the creative front I currently have mini-book kits in progress for my 2013 December Daily & 2014 Spring Break vacation, a secret birthday gift for my scrap-bestie plus some yummy shabby green shutters to mount in my office. I am a Master Forger on the Design Team at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, where each month we are given a current scrapbook kit to imitate from our own stash, as well as three monthly challenges. We provide tutorials on how we've made our forgeries.

I must confess that I have a rather unorthodox creative & personal style. I would have to describe it on a good day as traditional eclectic with a twist. I am not particularly interested in having the latest trend but I love to have new stuff. I really like to incorporate vintage elements where it makes sense. I have a very active mind & a rather photographic memory so all things visually ingested become incorporated into my inspiration. Visit my Flickr gallery for a look at my pages.

I find it impossible to go even a day without creating although some days that may mean only a mental exercise or jotting down an idea. During a few rough years when my young adult children were having troubles & I was going through menopause & caring for my sweet elderly aunt who eventually passed away, creative pursuits were a real blessing. I don't know if it's that way for everyone but as the old cliche says, It's as essential as breathing for me. I am fortunate to have an inspiring space to create in.

I have tried to analyze how my creative process works. I have come to the conclusion that some days are for visiting my supplies to get inspired. On other days my photographs spark a story or a page style. I have scraplifted inspiring pages, used a sketch as a starting point, or taken up a scrapbook challenge. I find it fun to stretch in new directions. Now that I will have more time I'm looking forward to altered art & art journaling.

Thanks for visiting with me for a bit! I would love to get to know you better. Please leave a link to your blog or gallery with a comment introducing yourself. As promised, I want you to meet a creative friend.

This is where you will find an amazing artist, 
Mandy Dodd, of Tasmania, Australia.

By her own description: We live in a vintage house near the sea....
I cant imagine not seeing the sea. My layouts just about always feature 
my gorgeous daughters, our life, or nature. You'll find a variety 
of scrapping genres - LO's, cards, OTP, journal work and
 Project Life, sketching, painting, photography - just love it all. 
I love nothing more than this, helped along by my computer and a good cup of tea!

I have two other wonderful bloggers for you, 
but will save those until I have their permission.


 Sherrie Breese (aka Queen at the Crop) is my Canadian sister-by-another-mother. We are muy sympatico virtual buds who share a passion for photography, gardening & being grannies. Visit her blog at: which includes a link to her Flickr gallery.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A fabulous insight into your scrappy life Leslie, love your craft space, looks so tidy compared to mine and it's great pleasure to "know" you though so many different avenues :)

    1. You were one of my two other featured bloggers! If you are okay with that I will email you the details (I think I caught you on holiday with my FB message)

  2. Aaaaw, thanks sooooooo much!!!
    I also loved your fabulous insight into your scrappy life too! WOW, you have an amazing space!! How wonderful is that vintage fold down table.....I WANT ONE!!!! way cool!
    I absolutely love Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog..... had to miss this month due to work load... but will hopefully be back on board next month!
    Thanks for sharing my blog
    hugs from Tasmania

    1. It was my TOTAL pleasure - you are an amazing, inspiring artist :D

  3. Leslie, Congrats on the exciting for you!! Sounds like you already have a plan on some things to do/accomplish in your home with your newly available time. Kudos!!!!! Xoxo Heidi in Ontario

  4. Happy retirement Leslie - it's great to know you a little better through this slow moving and ever expanding blog hop. Nice choices for the next hops.


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