Saturday, January 16, 2016

011616 CKC January Challenge #3

Challenge #3
Get your stamp on with repeat, 
I say, repeat stamping!
For me this challenge prompt IS a repeat, lol.
I inadvertently piggybacked this onto my Challenge #1 page.
I used 10 stamped frames for my list of faves page HERE.

So? back to the drawing board!
When I made my kit this month I didn't include any alphas.
My intention was to use my homemade Project Life-style cards as titles, like so:

(Just in case you might think those little flowers are stamped, 
they are simply fussy-cut from one of the She Art papers in my kit.)

My repeat stamping effort was concentrated on the hot air balloons.
I used three different stamps from 7 Gypsies, Glitz & an anonymous wood mount.

I practiced a little with second & third generation stamps to soften the images.
By using this technique you also visually push some of the images further into the background.

One of the reasons many of us hesitate to use our stamps is invariably they 
come out smudged or incomplete on a page that we've put a lot of time into. 
Yes - I stamped these AFTER I did the rest of the page!

No nail-biting allowed. There is always a remedy of one sort or another...
These two balloons failed to stamp a large prominent section of the image.
On this page I was able to just plop cloud bandaids on to camouflage the fail.
Sometimes I will draw the missing portions or use a white pen to visually erase extra marks. 
Gird up your loins & go for it!!! We are all about using up your stash, and STAMPS COUNT.

So let me leave you with the final product.
Apologies for the awful photos - this really looks amazing irl!
(If I get time I will re-shoot & remove these comments)

Fear not! Break out your most amazing stamps & have an inky play!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The 3D scene you created is just amazing! I never think to re-stamp after that first image but will have to give it a try. And I like the way the balloons and the PL card fit in so well with the photo of the little guy heading off to dreamland - perfect!
    Gutsy move to do the stamping after the rest of the page was done but you're right - sometimes we just need to plunge right in and there's always a way to fix things (as you showed with your cloud solution).

  2. I have that 7 Gypsies stamp set too. Love the way you have done this and a great tip about the clouds for hiding.Will definitely use that idea.Gorgeous photo too by the way.

  3. a great reminder to us all and good advice about just going with it - I am way too scared to use stamps in my scrapping usually. I might just give it a try!

  4. Leslie, it looks amazing on the computer :) I absolutely love that you have shared the 'imperfect' moments (it's always heartening for people to know that it's not just them that struggle sometimes!) You're a true super star x


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