Sunday, November 12, 2017

111217 CKC November Challenge #1

Counterfeit Kit Challenge
Challenge #1 - Just the opposite

Lisa's first November challenge: 
"November often gets a bad rap and many here in Europe 
consider it to be the greyest, dampest, dullest months of the year.Some years ago, I decided that I was going to find the positive in this special (for me) month and actively looked for the bright moments that would make me happy. 

And I have to tell you that there are a lot of them - there are many more blue-sky days than I ever realized and the festive lights and decorations that can often be found in November in the run up to Christmas can always brighten up even those dull, grey days. And of course, it's the end of autumn and beginning of winter, both of which make me very happy!"

So for this challenge, I'd like you to be inspired to find the positive in something and create a project about it.

My lovely kindred spirit soul sister came to visit me for my birthday, as a special gift from her dh for her birthday! All sorts of things to cram into our limited time together. My husband went up to the cabin to do some work so we ended up spending our time luxuriously doing none of our planned activities. Leisurely breakfasts (she said she felt like she was at a great B&B, lol) & then laid back days & evenings. No one needing anything. No one expecting us anywhere. It was amazingly restful & rejuvenating.

Fun with paint & ink.

 Fussy-cutting fun.

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  1. This is a gorgeous layout Leslie. I love the fussy cut flowers and the colour theme.

  2. Fussy-cutting for the win!! I love how light and airy this is - and what a lovely testament to a special friendship.

  3. I agree with Susan, I cannot get over the impact those flowers have on us scrapbookers, but still the photo shines for anyone looking at this layout.

  4. fabulous-there is nothing like some free time!


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