Saturday, September 22, 2012

092212 Midland Antique & Collectible Festival Fall Finale!

Finally got to Midland this year! 
So grateful for the chance to see all the eye candy & take home a few little bits...wanna see? 
Here's an old aerial view of the show from their FaceBook page:

A rainbow! That's a good sign - thanks, Lord!

One of the first things we always see...

This is actually KID size! Note the toy on the table.

 "Works $8.00" 
Got one of these for a wedding gift in 1976 - mine still works, too!

Aren't these sweet? May have to lift the pattern for an embelli...

 Would LOVE to have this for Lincoln, for someday. Parking meters on the upper deck~!
I think my brother may have had one of these, back in the day.

 Honeymoon souvenir? Kind of sad... love pennants, though  :~)

 Totally charming

Anyone else giggling under their breath?

My brother has one of these that was my dad's. 
Okay, Ned - $300! We may have to renegotiate!

If these didn't weigh a ton...

A little comic relief...

An old favorite... he rides around the show on one of the velocipedes, in costume!

Oh, be still my heart! Price upped to $1800 this year...*sigh*
Here's my scrapbook page about this from May 2012 LOAD:
 Here is my May 2012 LOAD scrapbook page about this.

A new addition, and it was WONDERFUL!

How clever! From old propane tanks...

Wish I could've had these ...
They had amazing metal tables & lockers & great stuff

Autumn comes early to mid-Michigan!
Had another wonderful date day with my knight in shining armor <3

And what did we bring home with us?
This was in an everything $5.00 box (and isn't my new sweater pretty?)

Fell in love with this peanut box - no idea why...

What is it about vintage packaging that is so appealing?
All have at least some of the parts included.

 $1.00 for all of these postcards, including postage, starting at 1cent!

Retrofitted for a bank - see the slot? And there are 2 holes in the front for a padlock! $3.00

Better deal than Tim, lol!

These will look really nice in my breakfast room!
Didn't realize they weren't the same until I got them home -
but I think I like them more that way...

In the end, the grandkids win!
For the whopping price of FIVE DOLLARS!

And a GREAT time was had by all :~)


  1. This looks like sooooo much fun! You were able to score some amazing bargains! Looks like there was a lot to take in and lots of items to bring back memories! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    1. It was a blast :~) They posted over 250 pics on their FB page before it opened, so I almost felt like I didn't need to go (almost...!) Thanks for looking...

  2. What cool stuff! You just need a top hat and monical for your peanut and then he could be Mr. Peanut! You took a pic of that wagon last year, didn't you? One of these years, it will come home to your front lawn. Looks like a fun time. I would love to check out that shabby chic dept. So glad you got "leave" for a few hours. So well-deserved. Oh...did you get to have lunch out, too?

  3. Here's my layout with the wagon from May 2012 LOAD. We ate a lamb gyro at the fairgrounds - yummy...

  4. Neat to see these photos .... it's just up the road from us, but I've never been there!! Interesting finds!


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