Saturday, September 15, 2012

091212 Inspiration is a Funny Thing...

Let's begin at the beginning...

Some of us at ScrapHappy are playing a fun challenge game by following the television series Project Runway for scrapping prompts! The latest was the Unconventional Supply Challenge. The PR contestants were taken to a candy store and were limited to what they could find there for supplies for their fashions!

I somehow got the candy part in my head (hehe) and at first I looked at the store for inspiration from a candy wrapper. Settled on Salt Water Taffy because I loved the packaging & we only ever ate it in the summer at the shore. Thought it would make a great page accent & I could find some random summer beach photos to go with it. (now a future page)

BUT while rummaging through my stash for my CKC kit I unearthed this:

 I had saved this for a layout about how Aunie bought us Hershey stock when we were children, and again for our children, and what that meant to all of us over the years... okay, a new direction for the challenge. Then I thought I would like a unique embellishment.

I used that lurid green paper out of my scraps just to make a template.
 BUT I really liked it against the brown so I made some more & then decided.
Wouldn't hugs & "kisses" be cute?

A border of hugs & "kisses", awww... no - eeeeuwww! 
This was getting way too cutesy - and I am simply not a cardstock gal! 
BUT what on earth was going to suit this combination? 
Wait a minute - got an Authentique paper pack that would be perfect...

 Too much pattern?

 That pink might work...

Could this be more perfect for the background???

Somehow I am totally married to the acid green hugs at this point, but they need some toning down.

That's better inked, but the pink is a little boring.What's on the B side?

Really loving that, but it kinda disappears - I need a mat...

Much better!

And I'll add stitching for another little touch...

  The perfect photo, a little trim, and voila!

I think I need a "sweet" saying for the left of the photo but can't come up with one.
Any suggestions?


  1. Well...I love the layout, but the Hershey's...not so much! LOL! Since Mars is a private company and you can't purchase stock, I'll let this one go! Just kidding! I love how you take us through your thought process. Your decisions and choices are spot on and true to your style. Sweet!

  2. Love how you walked us through your design process. That photo is precious! Not sure on a title. Some kind of take off from "sweet"? I'm sure you'll come up with something adorable!

  3. When I look at that sweet baby photo, I think "Irresistably Kissable". How can you NOT want to kiss that baby?!?! Too cute.


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