Wednesday, January 30, 2013

013113 A LOAD of inspiration

Well, it's just about T minus 24 hours until February 2013 LOAD ScrapHappier begins!

Last night I had a mild panic attack until I double-checked my supplies & verified that I had plenty of adhesive on hand. 
I decided that I really should get some new trimmer blades on my lunch break today, so I headed out to Hobby Lobby. 
Beware the siren call of the scrapbook aisles...especially on the eve of LOAD!

Basics. But hey! Since when do they carry Prima masks?
And what can I do with those cool  Stampendous pearlized mica fragments?

And I love alpha rubons - must have these...

And can't pass up the clearance aisle!

Not a bad way to spend the last of my Christmas money...
Now, LOADsters - start your engines!
The fun is about to begin :~)

This is the last time my desk will be relatively clear for a month!
See you in the gallery!


  1. At first I thought that spool of crochet yarn was a roll of toilet paper! LOL! Seriously though, I love the way everything is within arm's reach at your scrap desk and that cube system you put together is really perfect. Those brands you found at HL are definitely an upgrade. Love those masks and flowers and those little tiles are most interesting. Looks like you are ready to go. On your mark...get set...

  2. Leslie, never pass up a chance to stop by when I have a minute :) and say "hi". Love how your space turned out (one of the last times I think I visited you were moving up into this room). Looks lovely. Absolutely LOVE your desk :) I miss HL :( (none in Canada). Love those 7Gypsies chip letters you scored on clearance. See you tomorrow!!! :). Heidi

  3. beautiful--what wait to start our load.. love all the goodies you gotten..

  4. fun fun fun! I suddenly remembered on Monday that I had no cardstock - literally not a single sheet of white or kraft! So an urgent order has delivered the goodies today - phew that was close! thanks for sharing - looks like a wonderfully cosy space.

  5. BWAHAHAHA!!!! You shop like I do!!! Can't wait to see your LOAD pages! I keep debating whether to do one or not.....perhaps next time around! HAVE FUN!!!


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