Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CKC Challenge - Inspiration Sets the Stage


How does this inspire YOU? 
That was the question this month over at the CKC blog for our first challenge of April 2013.

At first glance it didn't strike me at all (yikes!) but when I tried to analyze why not, I discovered that it felt 
like an empty stage. Aha moment! This would be my inspired direction for my page for the challenge.

First off I had to think about what kind of photos I might want to scrap. 
I knew I had a great photo of my niece dressed up for a part in a play...

...but did I want to be that literal about it?
This began as a pretty abstract inspiration and I thought I would like to continue in that vein.
Our second grandson had just arrived & it seemed like a perfect time to document his grand entrance.

Now let's dive into the Magic Blue Box & see what will work!

First, it was tough to narrow down the photo. I chose this one because it shows off his gorgeous dimples!
He looks like he is smiling, and you can really see that whole beautiful newborn baby bod.
The only thing missing is his full head of hair, but that will show up on another page this month.

Next I decided to go fishing in my kit for elements to add to the page.

The hello elements volunteered, as well as some of  the baby stamps.  I really had intended to use this counterfeited heart paper but chose a more subtle cream & white chevron to allow the photo to stand alone.

And a late addition to my kit (thanks to the CKC April Kit Tutorial links post) is the FREE Printable -
Viewing Reels from U printables by Rebecca ,

which made a great focal point to anchor the photo.
The little yellow car button (shank removed) is a nod to his name - Cooper!
And yes - he is named for the car - a tradition on my son-in-law's side of the family :~D

I added the number 3 chipboard accent for grandbaby #3!
We are truly blessed.

And I have to apologize for my splatters - I love this embellishing technique but am rarely happy with the results.
This time the black paint looked way to stark, so I took a white pen & colored them in to tone them down. Someday I will remember to add these BEFORE I have my page glued down!


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  1. A beautiful page, love your torn paper background and of course the cute photo :)

  2. Wow, there's so much dimension on this page. Love it!

  3. Beautiful Lo and what a little cutie

  4. Love your train of thought real lateral thinking
    and I love love love that page and the photo

  5. Fabulous page! And I like the splatters, they look very natural to me. It is so interesting to see how literal or not each person was with the photos. So many interesting takes.

  6. Love, love, love this layout. The layers, distressing, a little messsy. Makes me happy. The chevron for the background was the better choice.

  7. How sweet is that picture and what an awesome wheel. Outstanding layout.

  8. I love the white centred splatters!! Fabulous layout with a gorgeous photo :0)

  9. What a gorgeous layout. I love all the elements on it.

  10. So funny...but glad it all came together...OMG, I am in love with the layout! I do not find one single thing wrong with misting, what'd ya talking bout Willis?.lol

    1. hahahahaha lol rotf - what a blast from the past!!! Thanks for the belly laugh :~D

  11. beautiful layout and a gorgeous baby to celebrate.

  12. What a gorgeous little baby! and such a lovely page! Great job.

  13. Awwwww....cute, cute CUTE! Love the adorable photo and the fun way you've scrapped it. The viewmaster is fabulous, really ties all the elements together!

  14. I love the white pen you took to the black splatters. This gave the splatters a great look! Your layout is spectacular!

  15. Oh Leslie, you put me to shame! I love the way you took this layout from the origin to the final (fantastic) result! How delightful is this wonderful layout?

    thanks for the link to the viewfinders - I'll be downloading those for sure. I'm late getting to the hop but I'm so happy I didn't miss it altogether! A wonderfully inspirational page with so much to love


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