Saturday, June 1, 2013

060113 Date Day Midland Michigan Antiques Festival

The festival includes a classic car show & sale

 awww...a baby horsie like Lincoln's!

love this peacock

 peekaboo! I see...Lynnette!


 peekaboo! I see...Dani!

 love the grumpy bully

peekaboo! I see...Lynnette again!

 peekaboo! I see...Jean!

 Peekaboo! I see...Lisa D!

 Love architectural salvage

This guy does AWESOME altered art! Roger Reichman, Altered Artifacts

Isn't this FAB??? I feel a scrapbook embelli inspiration!

 Love old tin toys - this has the original box.

 This had a motor so the puppets were moving.  This dealer challenged me about taking photos 
but when I explained I am an amateur blogger he told me about someone who took photos of 
items, posted them on Craigslist, people paid with PayPal & were directed to collect them
from booth #such & such at the show!!! Total scam - creepy people are everywhere...

 More creative cuteness!

 This adorable stagecoach continues to haunt me year after year! Still no takers, I guess...

Back again this year!

 Bouncy seat made from an auto leaf spring!

 oooo...adore these urns

 peekaboo! I see...Lynnette!

oh, man - this is the deal that got away!
We decided it wouldn't fit in the car until we measured, but it was sold when we went back :(
I have wanted one to use as a display for a lot of vintage kitchen tools that I have. 
The black spots are where they patched holes in the screen with fabric.
Stay tuned for an improvised substitution!

 Their lamb gyros are always SO yummy

 After an unplanned stop at an RV dealer to look at travel trailers for our retirement, 
we needed something sweet! DQ to the rescue!

 Last stop at the Coleman outlet store at Birch Run.

 Only purchase today was this cutie for the grandkids:

 And Greg added the large shell to his collection.  It is Russian, and the gentleman who sold it to
him swam the Yellow River to a Chinese ammo dump to collect it in the war...

And a good time was had by all!

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