Saturday, June 8, 2013

060813 Let's Take a Little Tour...

I'm happy to report that we are back in the kitchen on the final phase of our rehab! 
More on that later, but the second piece of anagalypta paper is up on the ceiling and looks great.

It's that inimical season of the cottonwood seeds here.
As if we don't have enough snow during 1/2 of the year!!!
Please - not in June - even a counterfeit is an unwelcome reminder...

 Better late than never, the peonies are on the verge of a spectacular explosion 
of blowsy extravagance that may be unprecedented in the history of our garden.


Terrible photo, but the columbines are going to be yet another color this year!

Although on the wane, the forget-me-nots have crossed into new frontiers once again.

 Forgot again to get out early enough in the season to get unfurling fern photos 
(say that fast five times, lol)

This is another beautiful blooming fern - a gift from Alex's violin teacher
from her elementary years. Thanks, Micki! It's still thriving.

Without unearthing my garden notebook I can't name this plant 
but I love the spotlight effect of those chartreuse leaves.

Garlic chives - yummy...

It's obvious that I have an affinity for the cooler spectrum of color in my garden!
These were a gift from another dear friend many years ago.

As good as this all looks in photos, the beds are full of encroaching grass, my favorite lily-of-the-valleys actually went to mush from a frost just as they came into bloom, there are a few "volunteers" that may need an excavator to remove them if not dealt with soon, and at some point before July I would like to get some annuals in & the windowboxes planted!

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  1. That's the beauty of the close-up. Set the camera to short F-stop, and the bokeh takes care of the weedy background.

    Thanks for the stroll around your garden.


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