Thursday, July 3, 2014

070314 Suburban Cowboy

Another favorite photo of my little man.

When he got these boots he actually slept in them, lol.
We got him a cowboy hat on our last road trip, and "Auntie" Lynnette just sent both boys a sherriff's badge.

I added some blue jean stitching to the tag.

Still smiling...


  1. I'm laughing out loud at that photo!!!
    Superb layout mimicking the neckerchief as your triangle - LURVE it!!

  2. The bandana is really the perfect triangle here. What a precious photo and a super page. Really like that neat stitching :-)

  3. So cute - gave me a chuckle - he's got star power!

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  5. Typo...
    Xxx, Leslie! Heidi was here... (But the first time she apparently spelled her own name wrong. Humph.)


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