Thursday, February 4, 2016

020416 CKC February Forgery Tutorials

February kit gave us some really beautiful things to counterfeit this month.
Most of my kit papers were kept to 8x8" size.

Maggie Holmes Bloom collection - "Moments" paper
 I decided to do both the "A" & "B: sides.
I was fortunate to have an ancient pink ombre paper in my stash,
although I was prepared to forge it by gradating the color with patterned papers.
My paper trimmer & Martha Stewart fringe scissors will make this go quickly.

I cut the paper into 1-1/2" strips as I wanted an 8x8" sheet when finished.

I then used the specialty scissors to cut fringe, leaving an extra 1/4" of paper
for adhesive to stick each trimmed-to-size row down to a plain white 8x8" base.

I cut a waste strip 1" wide & clipped it on the base so that I could space the rows evenly.

The "B" side was achieved by using my kit stamp set & white paper.

Next I tackled these. (Aren't they gorgeous?)

Maggie Holmes Bloom collection - Fringe Hearts
 I used the largest heart punch I had included in my kit tool box to create the base.
I used the extra 4" from the pink ombre paper, gold scallop washi, one of my forged 
papers, book paper, and I even made a piece of tiny dot paper with a marker for my layers.
The fringe scissors worked their magic & saved me a lot of time.

These IKEA arrows are my favorite forgery this month!

 (I think I rather outdid myself with this one, teehee!)
The originals were 8" long so I just scaled down to using toothpicks for my arrow shaft!
Just a little bit cut from a corner of paper & folded & trimmed became my points.

The "feathers" were just cut freehand. I get so used to grabbing a punch or a die,
I forget that simple shapes are a breeze with just a pair of scissors :-)
Worst case? You waste a small piece of paper - no risk!
I didn't even use the fringe scissors here as these were so small.

The gold dotted paper on the feather at the top was done with a  pen.
If you see something you like, don't be afraid to do a simple homemade version.

I don't know why I am so compelled to recreate elements from the kit each month,
but it is definitely as satisfying as creating the scrapbook pages/projects made with them.

Choose just one thing from the inspiration kit this month & give it a go!

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  1. These are gorgeous Leslie, especially that fringed paper. I think I need those Martha scissors...

  2. Wow those arrows are amazing. I thought they were a second picture of the real thing to start with :D

  3. Now, if only Cupid would hit me with one of THOSE arrows! How adorbs are they? You have a such a vision and you can tell you get great joy out of creating these masterpieces. Thanks for your contributions. They are just FAB!!

  4. Very clever Leslie.I love your arrows and the pink ombre paper.

  5. I am guessing that, for you, the joy is in the challenge. Your forgeries are better than the originals. Once saw those scissors and didn't buy them. One of the FEW THINGS I DIDN'T BUY, and now I regret that. I am watching for another tab punch for you, will you keep your eyes open for those scissors for me?

  6. These forgeries are so great! Especially those hearts...they look so much like the "real" thing!
    Thank you so much for your kind (and funny) comments on my blog. They gave me a good chuckle. =)

  7. BRILLIANT forgeries - I have some of those security scissors for shredding paper so I'll give these a try!

  8. Ooooh--everything is so cute! I would love to make the fringe paper--I think I may have to invest in some fringe scissors.

  9. I'm sad I missed out checking out your counterfeits last month - where does the time go but MAN you're good! That fringe paper is gorgeous and the layered hearts are beyond fabulous. I so wanted to give those a go but time was just missing. The arrows are divine. You are the Master and I bow to your genius!


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