Thursday, April 28, 2016

042816 CKC April "Gilded Lily" kit, page 4


Well, I've played along with all the CKC challenges this month, 
but I have had a very old photo on my desk for awhile that begged to be scrapped.

Actually a photocopy, it still manages to perfectly capture the patina of the original.

This is my Great Uncle Ned who died almost 85 years ago of polio 
when he was fifteen years old - my brother was named after him.

I used a simple white on kraft backing for my page to go with the sepia tones in the photo.
An old-fashioned ledger pattern covers the 8x8"paper that grounds the center, 
and an overlay of cheesecloth softens everything & gives a wispy, ethereal feeling.
A simple embossed kraft chipboard butterfly adorns the top.

The tag in the waxed envelope contains a copy of his obituary.
It's funny - there are no dates - just a sweet blurb about him.
I copied the back as well as it had retro advertising on it.
It's in a little pocket so it can be removed & looked at,
and my journaling is on the back of the tag.

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  1. I like the understated elegance of this page - perfect for a special heirloom photo. It's nice to keep the obituary with the photo; it will help fill-in-the-blanks for future generations. Did you photocopy the mat around the photo as well? It looks very real. I've got a few photos matted like that and now you've got me thinking about photocopying them with their "frames".

    1. I did leave it right in the frame! Even irl it looks authentic. I took great care to cut it out painstakingly. I love that you can read the photographer's information underneath the photo.

  2. Wow! I love how that cheesecloth looks!

  3. Wow! I love how that cheesecloth looks!

  4. Nice, there's an ethereal quality to this layout that is so appropriate.


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