Wednesday, May 4, 2016

050416 CKC May Forgeries

At Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog we are BIG on being fake!
Not what you would normally consider a good thing, is it?
We are a Design Team full of mad counterfeiting skills & proud of it.

This month's inspiration kits are from Quirky Kits May/June 2014.
Main Kit LINK
I had three forgeries this month and one was an oldie but a goodie.

That gold glitter washi tape was made for another kit long ago.
Unfortunately the tut post has eluded me but it's a simple counterfeit.

Simply cut a length of double-sided tape & cover one side with glitter!
I made sure to firmly press the glitter into the adhesive & it really held up well.

The wood veneers were a fun (and popular!) forgery this month.
I chose triangle shapes to coordinate with the beautiful paper you see above,
and chose colors that would go with my kit. I drew the black lines with a Pitt pen
so that I wouldn't have any bleeding when adding the wet paint.

I love the graphic quality of these embellishments & will be
doing this often with my astonishing collection of wood veneers.
Perhaps that will help me use them up one day, lol!

There was a single rose in the original kit that was glittered on the edges.
I wanted something smaller & a little more graphic, so I chose to alter these Art-C "roses"
crafted from a musical note paper & used some chunky glitter at the edges.

Nothing particularly earth-shakingly creative but a counterfeit doesn't have to 
take the work of a masterpiece! You'll see some other simple but delightful 
ideas for reproducing some of the elements in this month's inspiration kit
from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog Design Team.
Please share with us in the Linky anything you've been inspired to forge!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like the "seam" line you drew in black on the veneer - it adds a nice finishing touch and I think I will try it the next time I paint some. The glittered roses are very pretty too!

  2. Ooooh--make your own glitter tape! Cool!

  3. The idea of the black pen line to stop the bleeding is ingenious! And it looks really great too. Will have to try these again sometime. I didn't even think about the glitter "ribbon" and yours looks really good with the chunky glitter. You are still the queen!


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