Wednesday, July 13, 2016

071316 Date Day: Out of Our League But Enjoying the View

Spur of the moment today: mini-road trip to Great Lakes Crossing/Bass Pro Shop.
After our browse through we realized it was time for lunch... let's keep going south to P.F. Chang's...

First stop? Papyrus...

Oh. My.
Gorgeous music boxes from Wooderful Life.

 Love this : )

Great fun gift for a grownup!
(I know I would absent-mindedly try to take a bite, sooner or later...)

 Restoration Hardware = steam punk-esque eye candy.
This store has certainly changed from years ago...

Riveted stainless steel with leather seat - looks like
an airplane wing, and there's a matching desk...

Loved the neutral colors of these napkins!

LOL - we have one of those amplifier horns around here somewhere (totally not kidding)

Someone is making this for our house - what a guy!
It's oversized & mounted on a lazy susan.

Swoon - this is a GIANT desk in a trunk!

Isn't this mall just totally over the top?

Oh, yes!

This window caught my eye - can you see that wallpaper inside???
Love the sentiment in the window as a page title.
Posted especially for my scrappy bff, Lynnette : )

One for the road...

Loved the graphics in this display.

Special gift from my sweetie from Papyrus <3
(yep - it's a fox!)


  1. Looks like a fun outing. I love looking in Vera Bradley and Anthopologie!!

  2. I need that wooden box in my collection . ha ha!!! Great outing by the look of it.


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