Wednesday, November 7, 2018

110718 Whimsical Musings #310

Be inspired by geometric animals - WM#310
Aren't these stunning? Lisa finds the most amazing inspiration at Whimsical Musings!
These reminded me so much of complex quilt patterns. An online search for images brought up a font that reminded me that I had a similar one - more on that later. It also turned up a tutorial on how to make one of these images yourself, known as polygonal vector images (link HERE.)

I've had these photos parked & waiting to be scrapped. I think perhaps the icy wolf reminded me of them. Then I recalled  that I had stumbled across a 2015 My Mind's Eye/Niche die set in my scrapcave the other day & decided to use it to embellish my page. 

I cut the white outlines out of glitter paper & used the off-cut pieces to fill in the spaces. It all got mounted on those white blanks with... Xyron! It made such quick work of these embellishments.
I have discovered all sorts of buried treasure in my current revamp/purge of my studio!

Here is my page:

I print at home so added my title directly onto the photo.
Plexifont BV font
It is intended to appear transparent but I was able to drop color into various portions in PSE.

I think I achieved the challenge pretty well!
Now give it a go yourself. Lisa had some great suggestions:

 "I think you could easily find a link between one of these and a story to tell. Take the animals as themselves - hiking, zoos, trekking, a trip through the wilderness, something on your wishlist to see or go. There are the colours in the designs - gorgeous combinations for this time of year. There are the geometric designs which have been so cleverly used to create these 3D faces staring out at us. Use one or all three to inspire your own page and/or story."

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I know I've commented over on FB but just trying to catch up on blogs. I love your explanation of the way the inspiration pushed your creative process. I've saved the link you provided too! It's a great page and I love that you are still working though the prompts!


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