Thursday, June 4, 2020

060420 CKC June Forgery on the Fourth

June CKC inspiration kit reminder:

For me, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is a trifecta of creativity. First is hunting & gathering my kit. Second is the forging. Third is the fun of using my goodies to make the challenges! I got really ambitious this month after taking the month of May off.

Four paper forgeries, embossed tags, tiny envelopes, labels, painted wood veneer & punched butterflies, and that adorable little dimensional rainbow piece. (The green dot paper is actually a "spritzed up" piece of April 2019 counterfeiting!)

I didn't even gesso the background paper, just had a play with a few colours of cheap craft paint & a silicone brush.

I had the perfect Heidi Swapp rainbow stamp to make this happen!

The most ambitious of the papers, but perhaps the most successful forgery?
Next up are those cute little envelopes (template link). I chose 6x6" papers (for the smaller scale) from a travel collection. The double-sided papers gave me a fun accent pattern on the inside of the envelopes. I used the tracing wheel to create mock perforations on my stamp, and cut the insert paper from an index card like the inspiration.

Printed the template on card stock, cut out pattern & traced onto patterned paper. I even made a little stamp!

FREE sheets of labels available HERE

Great creative way to kill time, lol!

I hope you found something you loved in the June kit that you can counterfeit. Remember to post it and get a round of applause! And of course, don't forget that we'll be back throughout the month to give you some tips, ideas and challenges as you put together and use your kit. 

Here's what we have coming up this month: 
  • June 6th: We'll reveal a couple of mini-kits and projects, in case you're a little limited for time this month and would prefer a more petite kit. 
  • June 12th & 18th: We'll give you two challenges to help you use the kit you've made. 
  • June 24th: I'll be showcasing one of the CKC community who's caught my eye this month 
  • June 30th:  Another killing kits installment to help us finish off our kits!
We always love to see your work, so please share your kits and projects with us. You can use our Monthly Link-up page, post them in our Facebook Community, or share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcjune2020).

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wonderful forgeries. Love the pink floral paper and your rainbows.
    Cindy F


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