Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scrapspace Part Deux

This is the first scrapspace I have had that had wall space. And oh! What a lot of things can be done with walls! Lots of inspiration out there but as I'd prefer to spend my money on scrap supplies, I have improvised.

Technically NOT wall space, but I never had a door, either! Pottery Barn - love the look of this & the idea of utilitizing that space but $60? I don't really even think shelves are what I need but it looks so cool! Found this over-the-door towel rack lonely & forgotten in my mudroom:

How perfect! I thought hanging was the way to go for packs of embellis and even considered a clear hanging shoe storage bag, but this can accommodate a variety of sizes & has a high visibility factor which I need. For me out of sight is out of mind which is why it is so important that I carefully consider what is on display.

This was where I started with this part:
Had thought I would love to have an inspiration board on this wall until I saw this:

This was REALLY my heart's desire, but at $150 (ouch!) I paused... This isn't exactly in the style of my  pretty little room but I really loved the idea of showcasing some inspiration in my space. An email from Michaels  & their cube storage system at 50% off looked pretty tempting! And it fit on my sideboard with room left for my Big Kick.

Next I will have to deal with the closet (cue ominous organ music) so that I have shelving for the bins that are still downstairs, and a space for my sewing machine to stay set up - perfect!


Stay tuned!


  1. It's a counterfeit scrapspace! I love it! You have done a great job finding the things that you want, that will serve your needs AND fit into your budget. It's coming along so nicely. Love that vintage Parchisi game board, too. Maybe we'll be able to scrap skype soon!

  2. Your photos of your space are inspiring! I love how you show your inspiration and then how your improvised, very clever!!!! xoxo


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