Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stamped Canvas Doily Embelli

It's so fun to be inspired by the tutorials at CKC  which took me here. I couldn't tell you more perfectly the how-to than Julia Stainton does, but I can show you my process! Our kit this month included a package of Amy Tan American Crafts canvas stickers, so I tossed in a sheet of sticky backed canvas in the hope of stealing this cute product.  I liked the doily shape & just so happened to have purchased these recently:

Good Tip: this stamp is a great choice as the pattern is rather bold & the stamp is cut deep, as I will be using paint to print the design. The paint can get a bit smudgy if the image is too fine & fussy.

So I gathered my supplies...

I bought the pack of canvas a few years ago & haven't ever used it! The paint dabbers are Sunshine Yellow, Lettuce & Pool. I have an entire drawer of paint but the convenience of the dabbers is wonderful for this project. There are stand alone dabbers available that slip over your finger, I believe, and could be used with your existing paint stash. Note to self to look for those!

So I load the stamp with paint:


Good Tip: clean that paint off right away! I used a ratty old utility brush that I keep handy for just such a job.


Distress the edges - why bother with the canvas if you can't tell it's fabric?

And voila!
Here's how I used one:

on this layout:


  1. I LOVE sticky back canvas, but I don't currently have any left :-) That is a very versatile stamps set you bought. Your layout is amazing!! The 'blimp' shaped ballon is my fav part.

    1. I loved the blimp, too! They are Basic Grey. You need to get some more sticky back canvas & get out your stamps :~) I almost wish it weren't sticky - I would like to have sewn it & left the edges loose... thx for lookin'

  2. I thought those canvas accents were fabulous - and then I saw your layout and was blown away. Wow!

    1. Awww, thanks! They were really a cinch to make - I liked the banner in the kit, too.

  3. There was a little banner in the kit, too, that looked super-cute - I think I have 4 or 5 of those in my stamp sets! Got to ferret them out & give it a go :~)


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