Sunday, February 3, 2013

020313 CKC Asphalt Jungle Kit

Well, I have retired my Quiet January kit.
Only 2 pages, but it was a sad month.

 Let's check out the Magic Blue Box!

Today unveils Asphalt Jungle, a name with a nod to the Scraptastic inspiration kit shown here:

I took my start from the peacock paper in the add-on, knowing I had something like it (bottom left.)
Otherwise I kept the papers similar to the kit, either in color or pattern.
I simply don't do plain cardstock but try to keep to the colors, usually in a simple pattern.

#2 top paper was chosen as a bold graphic in place of the arrows.
#2 middle represents the chalkboard paper.
#4 middle stands in for the deep blue cardstock.
#5 bottom map paper subs for the pale blue cardstock.

I tossed in a handful of flowers & ferns.
The Studio Calico wooden word bubbles replace the negative word pieces.
I replaced the sheet of arrows with arrow washi tape.
My homemade bubble wrap stamp mimics the hexagon mask.
Walnut Ink misters in brown & blue replace Mister Huey.
 Amy Tan potty people stamp instead of the one in the kit.
And my hexagon punches are on hand along with a peacock feather stamp...

Looking forward to getting a start with this one!
It's more inspiring than I expected :~)


  1. Yay! I love your magic blue box with all the question marks on it. Makes it so suspenseful to see your reveal. Love that peacock feather paper and those SC speech bubbles. You always have the best embellies. So glad you got inspired and will be playing along this month. xoxoxo

  2. that is one wowzers of a kit. looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  3. Oooh love it!! Love the papers you've chosen and the embellies - wow! I could use this kit (big smile!)

  4. What a wonderful little home for your kit - that magic blue box is a wonderful idea! LOL! Your kit is perfect! I see so many adorable little bits and pieces.

  5. Love all the feathers and flowers in this kit! FABULOUS!

  6. Awesome kit! I love the embellishments you took here. I also love the patterned papers you included in yout kit. FAB..

  7. Fantastic kit! I am jealous of the mistable arrows. And I love the peacock feather and all the flowers that make me think of spring! x

  8. we have similar tastes in paper all the ferns!!!

    1. I was happy to actually use the ferns & with how the page turned out here:


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